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  1. boarderx

    Spydercos and a Kiser - some unique ones!

    Para 2, if first deal doesn't work out
  2. boarderx

    Benchmade Benchmades For Sale sold

    Might as well take the bugout too.
  3. boarderx

    Benchmade Benchmades For Sale sold

    I'll take the mini freek
  4. boarderx

    Good deals on Spyderco knives *SOLD*

    I'll take the s30v if available
  5. boarderx

    Closed / relisted

    Good luck with the future work! I had the same thing done recently. A pain in the arse...
  6. boarderx

    Edge Pro Apex

    As gear junkies, we're always wondering/hoping/guessing that the next tool will be the answer to our problems. I think a lot of times our lust for the next best thing is a hindrance and prevents us from perfecting the use of the gear that we already have. I think the Edge Pro is a very good...
  7. boarderx

    How do you maintain serrated edges??

    I use the Spyderco Sharpmaker on my Tenacious. Up and down on the edge of the triangle (versus the flat base of the triangle). Works good enough for my needs.
  8. boarderx

    $99 - CRUX in PJ Bronze

    Sent money for 940.
  9. boarderx

    $99 - CRUX in PJ Bronze

    Sent PM regarding the BM 940
  10. boarderx

    Expensive knives you actually use

    I mostly own sub-$100 knives, but do carry all of them. Unfortunately I work a desk job, so my uses for a knife are limited on a daily basis. I got excited this weekend when I was carrying my new Griptillian and had a need to drill a hole into my son's water table. I was about to run for the...
  11. boarderx

    What was the first pocket knife you bought?

    Victorinox Tinker, probably 35 years ago. Don't remember where I bought it, but somehow I got away with it!
  12. boarderx

    All SOLD. FS Northwoods / GEC

    If the IRJ is functional and not unusable, I'll take it. Not sure what you mean by "the blade is off to one side". Could you explain this a little more?
  13. boarderx

    How to get a sharp tip when using a Spyderco Sharpmaker?

    It helps to slow down your pull. It takes a bit of concentration since we often just go through the motions of down and back, often neglecting the tip.
  14. boarderx

    Shout out to Spyderco ultra fine ceramics

    Wow, didn't ever think to look for additional stones. I've had my sharaker for ten years and just pulled it back out a few weeks ago. My wife was quite impressed with the properly sharpened kitchen knives. I just ordered the ultrafine stones!