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  1. Rev. Pete

    TAD Gear

    The one time I contacted TAD by email it took weeks to get a response to a question about the availability of a knife that was listed on their website with the invitation "contact us for more information". Others have reported much, much better service.
  2. Rev. Pete

    dirty blades

    Breakfree CLP also works on tape residue.
  3. Rev. Pete

    Merry Christmas from ERUSA!!!

    Merry Christmas Frank. I really enjoy my ER knives and I appreciate your hard work to get them to us.
  4. Rev. Pete

    Sword Thief: Christopher Lau aka "Motoyasu"

    There are quite a few people named "Lau" listed in the Ottawa region phone book. None have the phone number listed earlier.
  5. Rev. Pete

    Sword Thief: Christopher Lau aka "Motoyasu"

    You can email me any contact information you have for him, particularly the address where you sent the sword. I will do my level best to locate him.
  6. Rev. Pete

    What is the Sebenza of wristwatches?

    My suggestion is a Yao modified Luminox with a good-quality kevlar strap. Very clean and simple and relatively inexpensive.
  7. Rev. Pete

    Your Next ER Knife?

    I already have the Col. Moschin and it is great! My next ER knife will be a Harpoon, probably with the Tigertech Camo finish :D.
  8. Rev. Pete

    Your Pumpkin Carving Knife?

    What knife will/would you use to carve a pumpkin? It looks like my mother is going to celebrate halloween so I'll be the one to carve up the pumpkin. At least I get to take out one of my big knives and have fun. My idea is to use a fixed-blade because it will be easier to clean and will have...
  9. Rev. Pete

    EXTREMA RATIO Factory Web Site Is Up!!!

    It is fun seeing the British/Canadian spelling of "catalog". On the plus side all the relevant info is available and I like the concept of the website. I can see how it might be slow to load for people without broadband :D. Unfortunately the website fails the accessibility test because it uses a...
  10. Rev. Pete

    Space Pen

    I keep a Fisher Space Pen in the car. No matter how hot or how cold it gets in the car I know the pen will write when I need it. In early September I needed it as I was the victim of a hit-and-run. The pen worked fine as I wrote his licence plate number on the palm of my hand :D. While it wasn't...
  11. Rev. Pete

    No reply to email from Discount Knives

    Here is the WHOIS entry for Discount Knives. Might be helpful for anyone looking for alternate points of contact: Registrant: Discount Knives (DISCOUNTKNIVES-DOM) 43 Randollph Road, #150 Silver Spring, MD 20904 US Domain Name: DISCOUNTKNIVES.COM Administrative Contact: Skelton...
  12. Rev. Pete

    Tactical belt

    I have both the 5-stitch and 3-stitch Wilderness Instructor's belts. They are excellent. I find the 3-stitch model more comfortable and prefer it when I am not carrying much gear on my belt.
  13. Rev. Pete

    Blade Magazine to Canada

    Which university are you attending? I live in Sandy Hill right next to the U of O. I have been getting my copy of Blade magazine at the magazine & cigarette store, "Mags & Fags" on Elgin Street. M&F has every magazine you'd want to read (and a whole bunch you probably wouldn't). Go early in the...
  14. Rev. Pete

    ATC on

    Congratulations to ATC for this article on It discusses ATC tomahawks being adopted by Army units under the Rapid Fielding Initiative and features quotes by Andy Prisco. (Originally posted at the same time as the other thread on this - great exposure for a great product :D).
  15. Rev. Pete

    Thanks spark.

    Spark, I really appreciate BFC and the time and effort you put into running it. Thank you.
  16. Rev. Pete

    Please Say a Prayer for My Wife

    God does hear our prayers and I will add mine for you and your wife.
  17. Rev. Pete

    Extrema Ratio Fulcrum II D Rocks!!

    Amazing knife isn't it? I'm carrying mine with the optional belt sheath. How about you?
  18. Rev. Pete

    Opinions to the extrem a

    There is some Fulcrum information mixed into this thread. In summary, I haven't used them real hard yet but so far I'm impressed with my Extrema Ratio Fulcrum IID and Col Moschin. Yes, the blade is thick near the handle but it tapers toward the point. I've used my Fulcrum to chop up dozens of...
  19. Rev. Pete

    Merc Worx Folders

    Masterchef, well said. That is the best possible reason to get a knife.
  20. Rev. Pete

    Happy Birthday Spark!

    Happy Birthday, Spark!