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  1. CaptainBoneman

    Bark River, Blackjack, WWII Collins, PAL, Condor

    I will take the bark river canadian camp
  2. CaptainBoneman

    FS: Strider PT

    I’ll take it. Email sent. Thanks
  3. CaptainBoneman

    ***PRICE DROPS*** Best of Bark River Collection Sale!

    I’ll take the Liten Bror :thumbsup:
  4. CaptainBoneman

    M.Strider SnG DGG

    PM sent. I'll take it. Payment sent, thanks.
  5. CaptainBoneman

    USA Mag Pre ban M1a/M14 mags

    Email sent regarding photos.
  6. CaptainBoneman

    Striders: SMF, SnG, AR, GB.

    Interested in the SMF Lego with tan scale... trying to figure out how to PM, but having trouble. Is the cerakote finish from Strider production or did you have it done to the knife? Thanks!
  7. CaptainBoneman

    Didn't get what you wanted for the holidays? Time for some giveaways to change that!

    I’m a rookie here, but this is a great forum. Thanks for having me! :D
  8. CaptainBoneman

    Ambush Knives Tundra

    Trying to send PM, but your inbox is full. I will take the knife if still available. Thanks -Tim
  9. CaptainBoneman

    Strider Knives SMF Knife Brown G-10 GG Gunner Grip

    If what is for sale is the pictured knife, I will take it. PM sent
  10. CaptainBoneman

    ALL SOLD Victorinox Alox SAKs

    JD: did not receive your email. Please make sure address is [email protected] thanks