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  1. GTH11

    Has anyone used yellow ochre paint on guards before soldering?

    I use a sharpie to create a deadline for the solder.
  2. GTH11

    Four Days of Fun and Friends at studio 4

  3. GTH11

    Seattle International knife show.

    This is gonna be a sweet show for sure!! Im gonna be able to shop, and shake hands with some greats! To bad Aprils show schedule is getting crammed on the west coast......
  4. GTH11

    Wheeler Fighting Bowie Project :) ( UPDATED CUTTING & FORGING VIDEOS)

    Ya Joe mine too!!! LOL:barf: Hey Nick.. miss you buddy, I have my dog washing gear packed!! Greg
  5. GTH11

    Wheeler Fighting Bowie Project :) ( UPDATED CUTTING & FORGING VIDEOS)

    WOOOOOOOHOOOOO!! Here we go! Ill be paying close attention!
  6. GTH11

    Paper trimmer blades?

    Strig, I cut both. I even use use it after glue up to trim the excess. I order my g10 from alpha, I'm shearing I believe . 022 material.
  7. GTH11

    Paper trimmer blades?

    I use my paper cutter for cutting liner material to rough size before glue up.
  8. GTH11

    Big 'Ol Camp Knife

    That is one BIG BAD MOFO!!!!! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: I love the ol phone book at the ready, Im always searching for a section of the newspaper!!.
  9. GTH11

    Wanna see my big wheel?

    That's one heck of a walla walla wheel Bruce!:p
  10. GTH11

    RW Wilson

    Nice score!! RW is the real deal!! My mentor spent a lot of time with RW, There was a time when he would take in new makers and put them to work, I grind in the style he does, which is free hand, with that blade right at your gut, I was told he had a a little brass rod he would give you a lil...
  11. GTH11

    Trebuchet #2

    Very nice Magnus!
  12. GTH11

    What's going on in your shop? Show us whats going on, and talk a bit about your work!

    Very cool stuff!! Nick, that doming fixture is that KATS MEOOOW!:thumbup::thumbup: Ben, see you this weekend at the mini!
  13. GTH11

    First folder

  14. GTH11

    Pheer PH427 or a KMG 3 Speed?

    Baders are used ALOT in the metal fab industry, Ive operated Baders, wilton 4 wheels, GIBs, KMG, and of course the esteem, and Ive ground around 300 blades on a machine I built with Brett out of tubular steel that is powered by a tile saw motor and step pulleys?!.
  15. GTH11

    Pricing questions...

    :thumbup::thumbup: Hey that's my knife!! Lol, well thought out and executed from tip to sheath! Absolute steal for some Wheeler steel! and I arranged the pick up at his shop!! hehehehe :thumbup::thumbup:
  16. GTH11

    Pheer PH427 or a KMG 3 Speed?

    Brett is a member here, shoot him a pm. You wont be disappointed with the esteem, he has been selling quite a few in the metal fab sector locally. He is a friend and one hell of a guy, who takes pride in everything that comes out of his shop! He just purchased a Bridgeport cnc mill, to help in...
  17. GTH11

    Pricing questions...

    300 seems a bit high with minimal brand recognition, and having only introduced a handful to market. On the other hand... if you can create the market demand for your heat treated A-2, and sell the heat treat as better than usual, and back that up with demos, and pass around testings, more power...
  18. GTH11

    Pheer PH427 or a KMG 3 Speed?

    Esteem 2x72! Extreme bang for your buck, similar to baders.