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    Upcoming WE

    Oh, and the full pics are already up on the WE Knife “Hot Products” area on home page.
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    Upcoming WE

    KnifeCenter already has the 821A - Pleroma up for pre-order (just ordered mine). FYI
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    New to knives, on a $50 budget, looking for a good, strong EDC?

    Check out the reviews on YouTube for the Spyderco Efficient. Stout knife, feels good in hand and beautifully built for around $45 delivered (if you shop around or have Prime free delivery). Latest in Spyderco's value line, but they really hit it out of the park on this one. Good-luck in your...
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    Kitchen knives

    Yes FDick is a very fine German manufacturer that has been in business for about 100 years. I've been in a cooking school here in Chicago and one in Napa, plus in the kitchen of several large restaurants. The majority of the knive sets I saw in use were either German or Japanese made. One of...
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    Kitchen knives

    Check out the Freidrich Dick line of knives: Several price levels, forged or stamped, poly or pinned scale. There are not only an incredible array of shapes and styles, but most come in several lengths for various sized hands. Once you...
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    Bearded Axe key chains

    A really nicely detailed, sturdy piece. Shipping was prompt and Bulgarian post was faster on their part than USPS from NYC to the house. I'm going to use mine as a hatpin on my trail hiking hat. Thanks Nikola! :thumbup:
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    Damn you Spyderco people

    Have you seen the new Perrin PPT Sprint Run, perfect timing, it's just getting to most dealers. HURRY!
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    What Spydie do you have on the way???

    PPT Sprint; shows them "in-stock" today. Go get 'em boys! Bob V. :D
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    Question on knife order from Finland..

    Lamnia ships promptly and packages well; I think your delay is more related to "911" security issues. When I spoke with Mihail at Lamnia about why my shipment took 15 days when it went air, he stated that they regularly lost several days in Customs. Hang in there; it's coming!
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    T.R.E. Three Rapid Exchange LionSTEEL

    Gianni, if you are considering adding another material to stock, how about a forward thinking company like Lionsteel considering adding one of the new poly-acrylics, like the white snakeskin pattern instead of G-10. They definitely make a knife catch the eye.
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    LionSteel TRE flipper with 2.91" M390 blade CF/TI/G-10

    Only saw the one partial photo of the G-10 model. Was hoping for more photos, which would show the spine and the G-10 spacer for comparison. Had also hoped the second color option had been sorted out.
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    LionSteel TRE flipper with 2.91" M390 blade CF/TI/G-10

    Anyone got photos or a link to same for the G-10 version? What color G-10?
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    LionSteel TRE flipper with 2.91" M390 blade CF/TI/G-10

    Gianni/RamZar, Can you tell us what style bearing design and bearing material is used in this knife (and is it the same for both the G10 and Ti models)? Lionsteel always seems shy about listing bearing type and materials used. I personally won't buy a knife without knowing anything about this...
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    What would you like to see from LionSteel?

    I'd like to see a Chad Nichols damascus Ti Spine Mini (73 mm, just under 3" so legal in all 50 states). I'm also interested in knowing if a LionSteel version of the DPx Heat/F 3D Ti will follow in time, as the Ti Spine followed the Aculus model. Again a Chad Nichols stainless damascus...