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    Polypropylene Bo Staff

    Any new polypropylene or santoprene items would be great. I'm going to order the Brooklyn Shorty, M9 Trainer, 1911 Trainer, and Glock Trainer as soon as they are available.
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    Svord Peasant MINI

    I avoided the regular Peasant because I thought it was too big. I'm definitely going to pick up a Mini.
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    Opinel #6 for my first Opinel?

    Same here. I bought #6 knives in stainless and carbon and haven't felt the need to buy any others.
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    Do you use a sharpening service?

    I sharpen my own but I wouldn't mind trying out a a sharpening service at a local knife shop. I could see myself taking a knife to a professional if I really screwed up an edge. I've sharpened knives of friends but only if they are cheap or mid grade knives. I don't really produce a factory...
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    Favorite sodbusters

    Sodbusters are still relevant today as they were in 2008 when this topic was started! At the risk of being unoriginal, my favorite Sodbuster is a yellow Case Jr in CV. In addition to the yellow CV Jr, I have a Black Case Jr SS, a liner lock smooth tobacco bone Rough Rider, a Kissing Crane...
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    3 integral knives with 3 handle configurations

    Looks great. :thumbup:
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    Thanks for that link. Going to pick up a few items there today!
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    Sheffield Granton Knife

    Where's the rest of it?
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    DMT 4" stone or Credit Card?

    I keep a Fallkniven DC3 in my backpack. It's mostly used on smaller knives such as an Opinel 6 and Ontario GI Camp Knife. I also keep a white rubber pencil eraser rubber banded to the DC3 case to clean the stone after sharpening.
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    Case Tru Sharp vs Rough rider 440a

    Every RR I have purchased has been razor sharp out of the box and every Queen I've purchased has been frustratingly dull out of the box.
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    Lone Wolf Crosscurrent slipjoint

    Benchmade made a micarta scaled canoe stockman as part of their NRA series a few years ago. I have one and I think it's my only Benchmade.
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    Tight clip, good or pain in the butt?

    I like clips to be tight but prefer the handle material under the clip to be not too aggressive.
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    getting first tradtional, how do brands stack up quality wise?

    In my experience Case knives are okay and Queen knives have been rather poor quality. All my Case knives came factory sharp but the fit and finish needed some work. I don't think any of my Queen knives came factory sharp and D2 is not the easiest steel to work with. Most of my Queens came...
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    favorite knives that don't get EDC'ed....

    I used to carry a SAK or some other small pocket knife in the front left pocket next to my cell phone but ever since I've been using nicer smart phones I keep knives out of that pocket to avoid scratching the phone. Now my knives have to have clips and they get carried in the back left pocket.
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    Ever impressed with a inexpensive knife?

    Rough Rider slipjoints are pretty nice.
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    What is your Sharp Test?

    Sharp - Shaves arm hair. Not Sharp - Doesn't shave arm hair.
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    Which Opinel?

    The Number 6 is a great little knife. I only have two Opinel knives and they are Stainless 6 and Carbon 6.
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    What is the one "must have" knife?

    Victorinox Spartan or Buck 110
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    Small Wharncliffe utility folder for newbie

    How about a nice slipjoint?