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  1. Malpaso

    Western Movies

    I had a Guns of Will Sonnett lunch box in grade school.
  2. Malpaso


    My friend's wife does a lot of metal detector exploring, and came across these. The one on top looks like either a New England or a Yankee (found in northeast CT), I don't have the experience to distinguish. Any guesses what the thing on the bottom is? Is it just some sort of wedge? There's no...
  3. Malpaso

    Why must they do this...

    I It did come from CT.
  4. Malpaso

    Why must they do this...

    There appears to be some markings just barely visible under the collapsed poll in the picture above, but I can't make it out, and the letter "L" on the opposite side.
  5. Malpaso

    Western Movies

    Same with Yojimbo -> A Fistful of Dollars
  6. Malpaso

    Why must they do this...

    Beyond my abilities, and I've yet to find a local forge to reshape the eye. Then I might have a go of working on the rest.
  7. Malpaso

    Knife kit - micarta question

    I guess I will try the belt sander very carefully and see how it goes. If I'm not comfortable, I go back to the aforementioned elbow grease. Is an N95 mask sufficient for working with micarta?
  8. Malpaso

    Knife kit - micarta question

    Belt sander, but no belt grinder I don't have a band saw, but will try the hacksaw, thanks.
  9. Malpaso

    Knife kit - micarta question

    I got this kit for Christmas, and I can't really call it a knife making kit, more of a putting a knife together kit. That said, it is my first foray into anything like this. My question has to do with the micarta handle. I have read a number of threads here about what to use to cut and trim, but...
  10. Malpaso

    The Mal Paso Seax - Fallbrook Forge

    My first custom knife, and Tyler at Fallbrook Forge knocked it out of the park with this custom seax he made/named for me. 3/16" thick, 7-3/4" OAL, 3-1/8" sharpened edge. Terotuf handles, which I had never heard of, but was a great recommendation. Perfect for IWB carry and my small hands. I...
  11. Malpaso

    Gifted a Duoglide, best way to get into useful shape?

    I was gifted this Dexter Russell Duoglide. It is a factory blem from what I understand, never used, never sharpened. It appears to have some sort of burr all along the blade (hard to tell from the phone picture). What is the best way to get this into useful condition?
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    Western Movies

    Kevin Costner was cast as a favor by Lawrence Kasdan for cutting him from The Big Chill.
  13. Malpaso

    New axe stand/rack

    50*F today, so I got to work outside. Finally built a stand/rack for my axes, which were hanging form rafters, sitting on boxes, etc. Pretty inexpensive with 2x4 and 2x3. Most expensive thing were the 8" bolts, but I like things solid.
  14. Malpaso

    Western Movies

    The Outlaw Josey Wales is not only my favorite Western, it is my favorite movie. I even own an original of the book it was based on, Gone To Texas (movie is very true to the book). Favorite quote - Josey Wales - When I get to likin' someone, they ain't around long. Lone Watie - I notice when...
  15. Malpaso

    What's your newest Buck knife

    Good to know, thanks. I need to find an appropriate display case for it now.
  16. Malpaso

    What's your newest Buck knife

    Birthday present form the g/f, signed Vantage Pro. I don't collect knives, I use them. Is this a user or collector?
  17. Malpaso

    Recommendation? Folding knife for diving

    I carry an Atlantic Salt in my BC pocket, but trauma shears on my belt.
  18. Malpaso

    FS: LTWK, Jarrett Fleming

    I will take the Blind Horse please. ETA: Your in box is full
  19. Malpaso

    Collins ID help

    Thank you, very comprehensive and informative.