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  1. Dangerously

    SAK toolset - which one comes closest?

    Farmer X! For the nail file and tweezers/toothpick, also carry a classic.
  2. Dangerously

    Best fixed blade for EDC?

    I go back and forth between a Lionsteel M1 and a Fallkniven Kolt. I love the Kolt’s minimalist sheath.
  3. Dangerously

    Knives & Nicotine, what form do you choose!!

    I enjoy a nice Virginia flake now and then, right now in a very rugged looking Trypis rusticated billiard.
  4. Dangerously

    I know what you guys are talking about now

    Don’t be like that guy. Be like me instead. Stop at seven.
  5. Dangerously

    Question regarding sharpening and edge retention.

    Not only is it not linear, you’re missing a whole wad of variables. It’s way more complex than that. There are websites like “science of sharp” or “towards 0.1 micron” that have interesting experiments on sharpening, sharpness, edge retention, edge stability, cutting ability, etc. For example...
  6. Dangerously

    interesting law for the great north ; ) knives allowed up to 2.36"

    I believe they measure from the handle to the tip. Disqualified if so.
  7. Dangerously

    Talk me out of this

    You could get a custom for that money.
  8. Dangerously

    RH Russell Belt Knife

    Makes me wish I had the patience to polish mine.
  9. Dangerously

    Behind-the-edge (BTE) thickness

    I don’t quite get it. You are listing the thickness of the spine of the knife as an indication of the thickness behind the edge. This doesn’t make any sense to me. You could take 10 PM2s and grind a full flat primary grind that has a different thickness behind the edge on each one. One has...
  10. Dangerously

    interesting law for the great north ; ) knives allowed up to 2.36"

    From what I gather, they measure from the handle to the tip of the blade. They don’t just measure cutting edge. In any case you’re at the mercy of the agent and whether or not he hates his job or likes your knife.
  11. Dangerously

    Behind-the-edge (BTE) thickness

    Using a Manly Wasp (S90V version) was a wake up call for me. It shows how thin you can go, and you can judge for yourself if you damage it or not during your daily tasks. There’s so much cutting ability left on the table by most knives being thick bte.
  12. Dangerously

    interesting law for the great north ; ) knives allowed up to 2.36"

    So much arguing about us Canadians. The real answer about us is that it’s all probably correct. We have a rural streak of gun owning, knife carrying, hockey fight loving beer drinkers. We also have a multi-cultural woke urban populace that is busy creating their utopia through legislation. Both...
  13. Dangerously

    Recommendation? Looking for a camping/food prep fixed blade

    North Arm Knives mallard. It’s an s35vn paring style knife with a kydex sheath. I bought it for camping kitchen but it earned a place in my regular kitchen knife block. And $100 CAD is inexpensive for s35vn.
  14. Dangerously

    Does anybody use friction folder ?

    I like friction folders, even if they’re a tiny bit less convenient than regular locking folders. Something about the simplicity, as the only type of folder that doesn’t need a spring of any sort. it’s a shame there aren’t all that many to choose from. Below are An Ohta FK5, Michael Morris...
  15. Dangerously

    Your Favorite Water Stones?

    I can only report that I like the stones I use, but I can’t compare them. Mostly Naniwa stones. I’ve got a Naniwa superstone 220, then professional 400, 1000, and the very fun green brick of joy 2000. I often finish on a nice and hard imanishi 6000, which has been great. They’re all splash and...
  16. Dangerously

    Good Excellent: Zippo Customer Service

    Zippo has been a class act for a hundred years.
  17. Dangerously

    Lionsteel Thrill Pull

    I used my thrill for about six months before that happened. Took a flashlight and checked the back spring part of the aluminum handle, and there were little cracks on the inside. The spring had given out. I’d made a note to try to take a pic and send an email to lion steel to see what they...
  18. Dangerously

    Locking Blade Essential?

    I really enjoy easy one hand opening. That’s hard to do with a backspring, so it’s mostly locking knives or friction folders for my main. Of course, there’s always a SAK in the back pocket too.
  19. Dangerously

    Biggest heartbreak on lost knife?

    Damascus bladed Vic Pioneer X. Probably in the woods. Haven’t found a replacement.
  20. Dangerously

    Looking for suggestions - wear resistant folder with 3 or 4 blades

    Closest I’ve seen is probably a Lionsteel Bestman 2-blade. M390, slipjoint.