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  1. NoFair

    Military vs. Chief

    That would make it a must buy. Same with a LC200N Millie ;)
  2. NoFair

    Mr. Howard Viele passes

    He'll be missed. Condolences to his family and friends. Will carry one of my C42s today to remember him :(
  3. NoFair

    Upcoming Military runs?

    Not a fan of DLC, (feels like it adds a bit of friction when cutting) but otherwise we agree :D
  4. NoFair

    Upcoming Military runs?

    LC200N and orange would be sweet
  5. NoFair

    Spydie Scissors

    They made a H1 proto a good while ago, very nice. Really shears for diving/first responders. Didn't see production though and I've promised not to post any pics ;)
  6. NoFair

    Anodizing fluted ti millie?

    Should be easy for anyone who does anodizing. Just specify the color shade you want and they adjust the voltage accordingly
  7. NoFair

    Rerun of the foliage green CTS-204 p Military. Yes or No?

    Foliage green was CPM-D2, the CTS-204P was just green ;) I have both :D
  8. NoFair

    A Gentlemans Spyderco....does it exist

    C22 Walker in carbon fiber if you can find one
  9. NoFair

    A Gentlemans Spyderco....does it exist

    Centofante memory is very nice.
  10. NoFair

    Double Stuff 2 - Adhesive Issue

    Both of mine are several years old and still stay together. Probably a bad batch/glue issue.
  11. NoFair

    My LC200N Mule Rusted. How is that possible??

    That would would solve any issues that might arise from just gluing them on :) Cheers Lance
  12. NoFair

    My LC200N Mule Rusted. How is that possible??

    Some makers use G10/micarta pins in addition to the epoxy. Might make it even sturdier if someone batons it into a stump or something ;)
  13. NoFair


    It's on my want list. S30V is fine, the design is great, I have a soft spot for carbon fiber and I can get over the comp lock ;)
  14. NoFair

    Old School:New School Challenge

    Andy has my old Ladyfinger Afaik :D Some issues with the wooden handle if I remember correctly. She was gorgeous though...
  15. NoFair

    H1 Steel not as rust proof as I was told.

    That test doesn't show H1 rusting it just shows rust deposits from the other steel on the H1...
  16. NoFair

    Vote: Which knife should I take elk hunting?

    Usually not an issue getting the Lady that sharp, but a that thin edge isn't always durable enough for general use. I often sharpen my scalpels at work ;) Going up in the mountains next week, but just for some days of hiking, getting the cabin ready for winter and doing some work in the forest...
  17. NoFair

    Vote: Which knife should I take elk hunting?

    Looks like it was epic. Sometimes the experience is more important than the meat :D Maybe I'll bring a titanium scalpel handle with some blades next time I go out ;)
  18. NoFair

    Vote: Which knife should I take elk hunting?

    Any big difference with it compared to using a normal size 4 scalpel handle and 22/23 or 36 sized blades? I use a scalpel with animals at work, but when working in the field I'm usually using a 4" blade (Lady, Recluse or Bushfinger) and working a bit faster ;)