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    Post pictures of your Emersons here!

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    Where are all the emersons at?

    Very nice. I see the emerson site has most things listed as " in stock" so hopefully that's accurate.
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    Atlanta Blade Show 2021?

    Thanks for that heads up!
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    Which Spyderco are you carrying today?

    Nice! Mine looks way better in the picture. My dad carried and used it daily for over a decade. I reshaped the broken tip, sharpened it, cleaned and refreshed the faded g10, and got a new clip. It took about ten years off.
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    Which Spyderco are you carrying today?

    Yes it's an older 440v military from maybe around 2000 or so.
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    Where are all the emersons at?

    They seem to be out of stock pretty much everywhere, except half serrated and minis. Is there some emerson honey hole somewhere that I don't know about?
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    2021 Prices Are Out

    Super buzzkill with the trailmaster price
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    Cold Steel (GSM) New Products Release:

    I was skeptical of the ti lite because of the liner lock too, until I got one. Now it's one of my favorite xl blades. That liner lock is strong and prob the best executed I've ever seen. I absolutely trust it and say if you like the form factor of the ti lite then get one. Plus the tip is...
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    Cold Steel (GSM) New Products Release:

    I think the oyabun looks sick, like a cold steel version of a kwaiken. Hopefully it is as least a 4" blade, I'm guessing so since the fixed blade oyabun was the big brother of the kobun. Liner lock doesn't bother me a bit, cold steel puts a ton of energy into creating strong locks that they test...
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    Cold Steel (GSM) New Products Release:

    Daddy likey!
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    Cold Steel 2021 New Product Announcement

    They just released 2021 product preview. I suggest checking it out. Talwar is just the tip. Holdouts coming back, ad 15 lite, a bunch of goodies.
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    Hey Sal, Military compression lock still in the works?

    I figured the " Ok, sure. But in this case, Compression lock> Liner lock. It has all the advantages of a liner lock (ease of opening and closing, allows for flow through construction, no extra parts), but makes the knife stronger and safer. I love the military with the liner lock, its...
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    Just pix of knives

    Thanks man. Love your work on the wharnie endura, are those titanium handles?
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    What's your Cold Steel EDC today?

    Love the safe keeper 2. IMO the best push dagger CS ever put out, I cant believe it was discontinued.
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    What's your Cold Steel EDC today?

    Just got this one in. Love it.
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    Post your Spyder Pics