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  1. Choppaman

    Well...It's Friday...

    Hey brother! TGIF!! Be safe in your travels! Seems like there is always a crisis anymore! 😖
  2. Choppaman

    Well...It's Friday...

    Good morning. TGIF!! Hope everyone had a great week! I agree @NoRest missing @VANCE kick start our friday's! hope the FBF fam can keep it going. Nice line up today. Great to see @Cohutta in the mix. That Shogun looks like the twin to mine I just got from Andy. Hope everyone has a great weekend!
  3. Choppaman

    Important Info! Fiddleback Friday 5/14/21 (Early Preview)

    Very nice line up. Some different makers. Awesome guys AND gals. :)
  4. Choppaman

    Fiddleback Flea Market

    A couple for sale from my collection. New condition. never used or carried. DM with any questions you may have. Price includes ConUS shipping. (friends and family appreciated) Thanks for looking. Knife 1: Fiddleback Forge Bush Hermit -Firefox Micarta - Black liners - White pinstripes - 1/8" A2...
  5. Choppaman

    FS - NIB Lionsteel Thrill TL BR

    Selling a NIB Lionsteel Thrill (TL BR) MSRP $240.00. Listed on dealer sites for $199.00. Selling mine for $175.00. Price includes PP fees and ConUS shipping. OAL 7"-closed 4"-blade3". Titanium Bronze. DM with any questions you may have. Thanks for looking. *Not accepting other cash offers or...
  6. Choppaman

    FS - Behring Made Pro LT Alaskan

    Selling a new condition Behring Made Pro LT Alaskan. Steel is blued and has a coyote cord wrap. Comes with RH sheath. Never carried or used. 01 steel. OAL 8 1/2" - blade 4" x 1/8". Price includes pp fees and ConUS shipping. I am selling this knife so please no trade offers at this time. DM with...
  7. Choppaman

    FS - Custom Behring Mini Drop Point

    For Sale is a Behring Made (new condition) beautiful hand forged Custom Mini Drop Point. From my collection-never carried or used. Comes with Custom (RH) Warlander leather sheath. Mini Drop point-Bog Oak with Musk Ox Boss bolster and mid-spacer with copper guard and black/copper spacers-$430.00...
  8. Choppaman

    FS - NIB Birdvisknives Hitchcock V1

    Selling a NIB Birdvis Knives Hitchcock (#178). CPM154. Vintage Canvas Micarta-black liners. Super nice knife. BOD 10/2020. Received direct from maker. Have a few so thinning out. 3 5/8" closed. OAL 6 1/8+ . DM with any questions you may have. NOT accepting other offers or trades. Price includes...
  9. Choppaman

    Fiddleback Flea Market

    For Sale! Cohutta Shiloh - Black canvas - thick natural liner - 1/8" SFT 80crv2 $240.00 FF (some minor peppering on the blade and one minor 3/4" scratch from knife sleeve. Appears it has never been used).
  10. Choppaman

    The Flea Market Mung Absolution Thread

    I hear ya!! 🤪
  11. Choppaman

    SOLD - BRK Bravo 1 LT Cru-Wear

    You got it!! Thank you
  12. Choppaman

    SOLD - BRK Bravo 1 LT Cru-Wear

    SOLD For Sale from my collection is a NIB BRK rampless Bravo 1 LT drop point with CPM Cru-Wear. Gorgeous knife. Black/Green linen scales. Blade thickness is 5/32" Comes with treated right hand sheath as shown. Mint Condition and comes with original packaging. $240.00 includes PP fees and...
  13. Choppaman

    FS - Custom Southern Longbeard Knives

    Selling a few like new condition Southern Longbeard knives from my collection. Never carried/used. They come with RH sheaths. Not accepting other cash offers or trades at this time. DM with any questions you may have. Prices includes shipping to US and pay pal fees Thanks for looking! TOP...
  14. Choppaman

    SOLD - Hard to get Hatcher Knife

    Thank you! It is yours! Great Snag!
  15. Choppaman

    Older Camp Knife

    That is one fine example of the Camp knife @Rhinofly If you ever want to move that along, give me a shout! :cool:
  16. Choppaman


    Missed that one!! That is a dandy!!!! great score @bsprouse27
  17. Choppaman

    SOLD - Hard to get Hatcher Knife

    Selling a beautiful, new condition (from my collection - never used/carried - no sheath) Hatcher Knife. Shawn is up to a 5 year waiting list if his books are even open. Simply very difficult to get one of his masterpieces. I am selling this one to thin my collection out a little. Thanks for...
  18. Choppaman

    Branching out.

    Andy! Those look amazing!!! Really like what I'm seeing from the FB Forge! Nice work! Next Question. Which few can i buy!! LOL :cool:
  19. Choppaman

    Well...It's Friday...

    Late to the party! TGIF!! Have a super weekend everyone! still a little chilly here but not too bad. We are headed in the right direction at least! LOL.
  20. Choppaman


    Hello and welcome! A lot of great folks on these forums. CPK especially. You found a great place to hang out and meet new people. And I must say, the CPK crew makes amazing knives. You’ll probably want to snag a few LOL. Anxious to see how your shopping goes. Also check the exchange from time...