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    Ganga Ram Special

    Looks like the usual impeccable workmanship from Purna, and a very good all-around size and weight.
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    Purna Danthe Knife

    I'm having a hard time resisting this, but I've spent way too much on knives this month. What's helping me to resist is that I have a much bigger knife with a similar blade profile, by a New Zealand knifemaker. It's a Svord Hogbeater, 17" overall length, 28 oz. Too much of a beast to be...
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    Bura Hanshee

    Got the Done Deal on the Hanshee.
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    Bura Hanshee

    EMS for the Hanshee. Now I'm spending my birthday money a few months away. I debated with myself, since I already have a Hanshee. Then I saw the buttcap. If I were rich I might put in a standing order for everything that Purna makes. Then start a Purna Museum. By the way, if anyone is on...
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    Purna lite weight M-43 for 5/5

    EMS. I'm definitely exceeding my budget with this one, but it's a great match for the other two blades that I got earlier today. I got the mama bear and baby bear, now the papa bear if no one beats me to it. Got the Done Deal. :)
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    Father and Son BDC

    Got the Done Deal. The big one looks like a mid-sized M43 with fullers. Best of both worlds.
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    Father and Son BDC

    EMS for both. Sorry, folks, I can't resist. Also, I agree with Aardvark about those handles.
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    Forum Changes

    Thanks, Aardvark, you said what I wanted to say but was too lazy to write it down. I also have experience with conversion of computers and software. My first job in the field was on a project that converted thousands of lines of computer code from an obsolete CDC computer to a newer IBM...
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    Forum Changes

    They're still working to fix some issues, so it's hard to say what the format will look like when they've finished.
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    Garden cleanup special

    That's a beauty, and a great price. I wanted it as soon as I saw it, but way too late.
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    Sunday Evening Special Tarwar

    $55 is a good price for that stand. Purpleheart is very expensive even in raw form. Where I live it's sold by the pound. Last time I checked it was $5 a pound, and that was years ago. I'd buy the stand myself, but I already have some purpleheart and I like to do my own woodworking.
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    Sherpa stew special

    I used one of mine to cut down a 4" diameter dead tree. Very hard, dried out wood. I started with a much bigger khukuri, but it was too heavy to swing easily, so I switched to the VUK halfway through. It was an older one that had seen much use and was never sharpened, but it still did the...
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    SOLD - Himalayan Imports Chitlangi Bowie by Sher Kami - Two Sheaths - SOLD

    I'll take it for $144 Paypal G&S. Please PM me with your Paypal info.
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    Beauty and beast

    That Khora is amazing. Five pounds of steel and a handle long enough for a two-handed grip. Very tempting. The problem would not be swinging it, but stopping it once it gets moving.
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    80CRV2 against D2 steel

    Mace is legal to carry in most locales. I've owned pit bulls. Mine were extremely people-friendly, but in a confrontation of knife versus pit bull I'd put the odds about even, or maybe worse. They lead with their heads, which are like bowling balls. Even if you win, the ensuing blood will...
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    *SOLD*Cliff Woodsman - Small Camp Hatchet, 80CrV2

    If it's still available, and if you accept Paypal G&S, I'll take it for $215. Send me your Paypal ID, either here or in a PM. Thanks.
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    A few extremely large fixed blades

    PM sent on the bayonet.
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    A few extremely large fixed blades

    At those prices I'll take all three if any or all of the previous sales fall through for any reason. I don't expect that to happen, but one can always hope.
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    Gift from father

    It gets to be like collecting postage stamps. My holy grail is a Bura YCS with the devangari and maker mark upside-down, and the dragon engraved facing the handle.