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  1. joeradza


    Thank you. From mass production to custom, love em all. There are quite a few handsome pieces in your posts too Charlie.
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    "Carl's Lounge" (Off-Topic Discussion, Traditional Knife "Tales & Vignettes")

    What happens when you drop your nice pocketknife on the ground? If it's a Douk-Douk I just lean over and take a picture before I pick it up. No harm, no foul!
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    Any love for small Opinels?

    N°. 06 is about as small as I like.
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    I found this pic in my files.
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    What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?

    A Buck 303 from 2017. Nice and sharp. For all you numerologists my post is twice as nice.
  6. joeradza

    Photos Metal Monday - Post Your Metal TRADITIONAL Pics

    A Rough Ryder with an aluminum handle.
  7. joeradza

    Whatcha got on order? (Traditional Knives Only)

    Knives with a story are always more meaningful than one off the shelf. Enjoy in good health.
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    Stag Saturday - Let's See Some Traditional Stag!

    They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.
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    Stag Saturday - Let's See Some Traditional Stag!

    Thanks, it was a beauty.
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    Stag Saturday - Let's See Some Traditional Stag!

    A recycled photo from a few years ago. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Why do they always look so good once they're gone?
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    MrKnife’s Box o’ Knives Number 39

    I messaged with Zac but I’m a little delayed shipping out the box. The after effects of COVID 19 are slowing me down.
  12. joeradza

    Shouldn't every Friday be "Black Friday"

    A small forged fixie, a 2012 Buck 110, and a Cam8llus electrician’s knife.