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  1. rebeltf

    @Thomas W and anybody who knows - advice needed regarding broken ZT0100 please

    Give this man a cigar. The debate of batoning and prying and other harsh uses of a knife is quite long winded here on BF , to be honest it's sorta common sense to me. I would never pry with my knife unless I had to , there are much better tools for this use , such as the EOD Breacher Bar...
  2. rebeltf

    TTN Coach Gun

    That is sweet looking ! but when I see these shotguns , I wonder why it took them so long to realize that it is a pretty ineffiecient gun for defense comepared to something along the lines of a 30-30.
  3. rebeltf

    your most recent purchase

    Kershaw Skyline and A.G. Russel Italian made Tactical.
  4. rebeltf

    Anyone use Break Free on their Knives?

    Makes sense , anything wet that stays wet is going to attract dust , lint , dirt , etc. I still say though , once you use it on your personal firearms you'll never use anything else. I mean it's not like someone wont develop something better sometime in the future but until then... edit -...
  5. rebeltf

    Can an old blade be cut down and reshaped?

    My two cents. Like Jeff Clark said, a saw or file won't do the trick , you'll wind up hurting yourself or the bending the blade trying to do anything to it since the knife is much harder than your hand tools. If you do go the dremel route , I suggest the following. Clean your blade so...
  6. rebeltf

    Anyone use Break Free on their Knives?

    It's the best. I use on my knives but use on my firerams is where it truly shines.
  7. rebeltf

    The Boondock Saints question

    I like the faux 'man on the street' take at the end. Then again I like the movie a lot , one of my top films. I'd be one of the guys saying "sign me up!". :D
  8. rebeltf

    Collapse of the Honey Bee population

    Where I live there is more Ag per square mile than one could believe. I see bee's all the time. I hope the little guys stick around because we'd be eating soylent green/or die starving without them !!
  9. rebeltf

    Mom passed away

    I am sad to hear of your loss.
  10. rebeltf

    Most EVIL looking folding knife?

    Agree with Jos - It is knife folks talking like this that bothers me more than how a knife looks. Inanimate objects cannot be evil , period. It is man that is the evil factor when it comes to how any inanimate object is employed. Malum prohibitum law's are an example , something is banned...
  11. rebeltf

    Kershaw did it again !!!

    The bulk of my knife purchases the last year have been Kershaws. Every time I buy a new knife ( which is bi monthly ) I tell myself , no new knives for a while I have more than one man could ever possibly use..... and then I see another Kershaw I have to get ! You guys are killin my poor...
  12. rebeltf

    How can I download these videos?

    Try this.
  13. rebeltf

    AG Russell 2.5 Ti lockback opinions?

    If you do decide to try an heat color them , the Ti is super thin , it turned to blue in about 30 seconds. :D
  14. rebeltf

    To the Ex-colonies

    Thanks , my brother from across the sea. :D God save the Queen ! :thumbup:
  15. rebeltf

    AG Russell 2.5 Ti lockback opinions?

    Mine came with a cool leather pouch too. Great knife ! I heated mine to a cool blue color and fileworked the spacer. :D
  16. rebeltf

    Best finish for Wood Scales??

    Those look great ! I use Birchwood Casey Tru-Oil. You can find it at any reputable sporting goods or firearms store. Directions are easy and the stuff just works the way it says on the bottle , no need for fancy schmancy. Please post pics after your done. :D
  17. rebeltf

    Many Folders For Sale - Part 1

    I will take the large CRKT S-2 ! :)
  18. rebeltf

    dealing with friends who are not knife persons....

    I still dont get why so many folks on here feel the need for societies good graces when it comes to our hobby/favorite tool. Society , the people who are "scared of knives" are the freaks , not us. The sort of folks who are afraid a gun might "just go off" by itself , the people who use...
  19. rebeltf

    FLIPPER-Yes or No?

    I will take ( and purchase ) a knife with a flipper on it before any other opening system. I also would not touch an AO without a flipper.
  20. rebeltf

    Fixing a broken point

    The Opinel is of course a really thin blade , I would not use any powered tool on it. It is going to heat up in an instant. It would not take much time at all to put a new point on it using stones.