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    TRADED off BF
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    Favorite traditional pattern

    I've got some patterns that are sentimental for reasons not about the pattern, but when it really comes down to it, the 72 wins out for the most all around useful pocket knife for me.
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    GEC 43 Camel "S" for pair of Albers or 72

    Have a like new 43 in Camel, "S" model (small crack near lanyard hole) for possible trade. Interested in trading for either a pair of Albers folders or might consider 72s. Send pics if interested and I'll return the favor.
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    Show off your GEC Acrylics

    Totally agree. I was so disappointed in these seams, I dumped mine right away. Sad, cause I really like Dead Skunk on other runs. Here's what mine looked like, no way I was never not going to be annoyed by that seam. Couple in salmon to clear the palette.
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    Schott borosilicate glass Vapor Genie for vaporizing your favorite dried herbs. Unique design uses a ceramic heating element that you heat with a regular lighter. Purchased several years ago, used a few times (has been cleaned with alcohol). Comes with an additional parts and pieces kit, too...
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    Whatcha got on order? (Traditional Knives Only)

    Since I can’t seem to get in on a GEC drop, Mike gets my money anyway w a slim shuffler on the way. Time to see what these Lion Steel are all about.
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    The unofficial, non binding, carries no weight, 2021 forum knife possibility discussion thread

    Crescent moon shield. We’re done here folks. Now, someone from the internet call Bill and tell him what to do and also ask why they aren’t done already.
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    2021 GEC 83 Tascosa Lock Back

    Been lucky a couple times but no luck on this one. :(
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    Ahhh! A GEC!!!

    Well played, lol!
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    2021 BF Forum knife vs. Facebook & Flippers

    It’s like you all don’t even hear yourselves. And how, exactly, are they being taken advantage of? When you volunteer to do something because you truly love the community and just want to help, —once the helping is done, they don’t typically stick around to see if how they have helped lives up...
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    2021 BF Forum knife vs. Facebook & Flippers

    My only real disagreement with your post, and my last word on all of this, is the perception that anyone is being taken advantage of. If anyone can find me an instance of actual harm here, I'm all ears. I expect that if GEC thought it was an issue they wouldn't take part and they could ask...
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    2021 BF Forum knife vs. Facebook & Flippers

    Again, you are twisting yourself into a pretzel to make this about some imagined moral failure in people buying a pocket knife and that, my friend, is the real projection. GEC is the benchmark right now. How could one not expect that to draw everyone's curiosity, trad enthusiasts included...
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    2021 BF Forum knife vs. Facebook & Flippers

    Oh, what's this? Another arbitrary rule maker, virtual signaler, parsing my words to meet some need for pearl clutching? Thanks for proving my point, guy who as been a member here half as long as I have. Like I said, some of you pot stirrers sure want to make this into something it isn't and...
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    Rough Rider & Related Slipjoints

    First foray into RR and maybe I shouldn't have tried an elephant toe, lol, since its not a pattern I'm even familiar with, but I couldn't resist the ridiculousness of this. Its shockingly decent. Main blade is a little gritty, but not bad, and F&F is fine for the price point. I don't hate the...
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    2021 BF Forum knife vs. Facebook & Flippers

    What a dumpster fire. I wonder what the correlation is of guys in the trad forum that think they are “rugged individualists” and are all free market, no govt involvement ever types, but lose there dang minds when they think someone might get a pocket knife they don’t deem worthy of meeting...
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    What was your first GEC

    2007 tractor green 73 heavy user. Sold it to buy a 72 because I’m an idiot. I mean, I love the 72 but I still miss the 73.
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    The unofficial, non binding, carries no weight, 2021 forum knife possibility discussion thread

    Yeah hard to argue with that. As someone that was very active on the 2019 discussion threads, that was a lot of fun but also a load of time. I also didn’t get a single feature I lobbied for on that knife, lol, so I’m totally cool w Charlie driving this year if that’s how it needs to be.