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  1. Jarrett Fleming

    Yukon w/spalted maple

    Yes the sheath has a belt loop. Standard vertical carry sheath
  2. Jarrett Fleming

    Yukon w/spalted maple

    Hey guys I have one of my Yukons available today. CPM154 Spalted maple handles Natural micarta liners/ blue g10 pinstripes OAL: 7.5" Edge: 3.25" $270 with sheath or $240 without sheath **SOLD** The sheath is by Scott Davidson. Thanks for taking a look!
  3. Jarrett Fleming

    Paper micarta grinding and finishing

    I can rough shape a lot of handles (dozens) with a 50 grit ceramic blaze. After rough shaping I finish on the grinder with a 220 jflex. I use the yellow klingspor w/ blue back. Then I swap to hand sanding. This one was taken to 2k then lightly buffed.
  4. Jarrett Fleming

    Restoration, sensitive images, BEWARE!

    He probably tried to sharpen edge up on a bench grinder and it snagged. Hope he's ok. Nice job on the resto!
  5. Jarrett Fleming

    How To Can you identify this scale material?

    I agree with Daniel that's a custom composite. I'll throw in one more recommendation burlatex″-x-6″-x-13″-sheet/
  6. Jarrett Fleming

    Question for the Hamon Chasers....

    Have you tried a fresh batch of etchant?
  7. Jarrett Fleming

    Unusable Wood Grain ???

    I think you're overthinking this. Quartersawn wood is commonly used on knife handles bocote, ironwood, and various oaks being some of the most common I see. You don't have anything to worry about if it's dry it's ready to work.
  8. Jarrett Fleming

    Heat treating when performance isn't critical

    1925-1950 hold 30 mins, quench between aluminum plates temper twice at 400 2 hours Your pizza cutter should be just fine. I wouldn't sell it.
  9. Jarrett Fleming

    Sanmai Harpy Jr.

    Hey guys I have this harpy jr. up for grabs today. 1084 core Box elder burl handles w/ black canvas micarta bolsters Cocobolo spacer Black micarta liners w/ orange g10 pinstripes OAL: 8" Edge: 3.5" Leather sheath made by Scott Davidson. $425 shipped pp g&s or venmo
  10. Jarrett Fleming

    Pocket pal

    Hey guys I have one of my pocket pals up for sale today. Specs are CPM154 Skeletonized full tang Buckeye burl bolsters w/ spalted hackberry handles Black micarta liners w/ red g20 pinstripes OAL: 6.5" Edge: 2.5" This knife comes with a leather pocket clip sheath made by Scott Davidson. Clips...
  11. Jarrett Fleming

    Olight copper Warrior Eternal/Warrior X/S1R2/Perun Mini/Seeker 2 and more

    Ill take the warrior/raider bundle Ill take the seeker 2 as well
  12. Jarrett Fleming

    Handle finishing grits

    For the style of knives I make I rarely go past 400 grit, then I hit them with grey and white scotch bright pads. After scotch bright they either get a few coats of tung oil finish or go straight to the buffer with pink compound (just a couple light passes) or sometimes a combination of both...
  13. Jarrett Fleming

    Lionsteel Tre

    Lionsteel tre in orange g10 up for sale. I'm the 2nd owner and it's just a little smaller than what I prefer. Orginal owner described it as lightly used. It's in very good condition. $140 shipped PP G&S
  14. Jarrett Fleming

    Clip point in curly maple

    3/32" CPM154 Hollow ground blade Skeletonized full tang Curly maple handles Black liners w/ white pinstripes 9 1/2" OAL 4 3/8" Edge Leather sheath by Scott Davidson $300 shipped Questions and comments are welcome. Thanks!
  15. Jarrett Fleming

    2 skinners and Kelpie

    #2 is sold #1 still available
  16. Jarrett Fleming

    2 skinners and Kelpie

    Kelpie is sold
  17. Jarrett Fleming

    2 skinners and Kelpie

    Hey fellas I have 3 knives up for your consideration today. #1 Skinner in CPM154 Skeletonized full tang Dyed spalted maple handles Black liners w/ blue pinstripes 7" OAL 3" Edge Leather sheath by Scott Davidson SOLD #2 Skinner in CPM154 Skeletonized full tang Dyed maple burl handles...
  18. Jarrett Fleming

    Protech Emerson, raidops centauro, luminox watch

    Hey guys I have 2 knives and a nice watch up for trade today. The protech Emerson is a gpknives exclusive with textured micarta scales. This one appears to have been a light user (got in a trade). It's in very good condition. Just some signs of pocket carry on the clip side and the blade may...