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    Does anyone make custom one off parts? i.e. a custom pivot barrel?

    I know this isn't a rational question and that the part will likely cost more than would be considered "logical" but I just need to know if anyone can do this work and ill pay what they need to have it done. Whether by making a new pivot or by helping bringing a stock purchased pivot to size...

    Are ball bearing pivots just a marketing gimmick?

    Its not just marketing. But the knife needs to be properly made from the start or the benefit of bearings may never be fully realized. Are they needed? No not at all. But this is a hobby. If we limited our purchases to just needs we wouldn't have much to talk about. I do think bearings tend...

    Best and Worst purchases of 2016

    I hated mine. Worst I really have nothing but disdain for those knives even if I found a perfect one. But I do know on mine the screws were neither rivets nor allen screws but rather torx screws.

    Fake Cold Steel Ti-Lite 6?

    Come one now man. I realize that you being a knifemaker you take pride in your craft. But can we not crap on things because of country of origin? And regardless this knife would be made in Taiwan which isn't china. Bear MGC and a few others prove that we make "cheap American crap" all the...


    I have never seen a Medford chip. But I don't see many medfords accept in pictures. Cant tell if they are new or used. I would say my only beef with Medford knives are their price. IMHO probably the most overpriced brand in existence for what you actually get. But if you like the...

    FS: WE 708D Karambit Full stonewash. 99% cond

    Still $200 shipped and insured. But now included with the purchase is a free WE knives Titanium Spinner in purple. That's a $50+ freebie on a great deal all ready.

    FS: WE 708D Karambit Full stonewash. 99% cond

    Up for sale is a gently used WE 708 Karambit. This one featuring the full stonewash handle and blade. This one has never been sharpened, and has very little signs of use. Carried half a dozen times and cut paper even fewer. Mind you its not a 100% mint knife but as used knives go you...

    What is the most Expensive EDC you really use?

    steelcraft bodega. Spec'd like mine it would be about $530. Carried and used everyday.

    Recommendation? Kershaw Shallot hinge screw tightness with no AO spring

    You have nothing to worry about. The sheet metal needs to go back in as it provides a wear plate of sorts for one of the the washers to ride on instead of the handle scale itself. As for the bead blast finish adjusting the pivot tighter will have no effect on the finish of the bead blast. The...

    Disappointed with Kershaw

    This statement seems a bit off given how ZT likes to do several variants of all their popular models. How many options does someone need? As many as it takes for them to offer something that person wants to buy. I know for me, the reason I passed on every 0777 variant was the originals were...

    Disappointed with Kershaw

    IMHO (an opinion highly regarded by me alone) they have improper clockwork. Some brands for some odd reason do things differently. Kai is one of these brand. For instance their insistence on using square spring stock and an oddly shaped spring that only allows you to replace it with one of...

    Disappointed with Kershaw

    I sorta feel that Kershaw is now the budget line of the kai business model. Now when I say budget I mean within reason. IMHO when ZT first came into its own it didn't play the role it does now. Back then (2006-7 ish) Kershaw had done some higher end limited editions and as the two lines...

    To Balisong to?

    I think balis are an awesome option. They arguably have the strongest open position lock up of any folding knife. The only downside for me is just how limited the options are.

    Spyderco is suing eBay for counterfeits

    That is the problem. Not many authenticity experts out there. Usually peoples knowledge of fakes is limited to the scope of their interests. This is why its almost impossible to eliminate counterfeit items on ebay. Much less institute a disciplinary system regulating the sale of such things...

    Spyderco is suing eBay for counterfeits

    I don't think the first idea will work simply because it still relies on someone having to be an expert in spotting fakes and prove that the auction in fact is selling fakes. And it doesn't prevent someone from falsely being accused and fined when they may be perfectly legit. As for proving...

    Recommendation? Best High End Flipper?

    The black blades look nice. I chose the satin because those blades are actually handground with the hand satin finish just really seemed like a high end option for no extra dough. I had a field grade and sold it because for me it just wasn't bodega enough. Especially when I got mine...

    Are ball bearings really needed

    The smoothness and fast action of any flipper is all based on the detent and the lockbar pressure. You can reduce or increase detent strength to a degree with reducing or increasing the pressure but it will have other effects on the knife and sometimes the window for error is narrow. For...

    Are ball bearings really needed

    This has been debated a million times. My views are no they are not needed. But as a knife enthusiast I find the thought of a "need" in regards to a knife a bit silly. None of us need a knife. We want them. We choose to carry and use them. For me it goes WAYYY past a need. Its desire...