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    Affordable band saw?

    Never forget to keep your eyes on local ads. A decent size bandsaw is not something that gets moved easily, and there will be a number of old units that need to be moved out of garages and workshops.
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    Can & bottle openers on knives in 2020, purposeless

    I have NEEDED a can opener exactly twice in the last decade or so, and I hate to think of what would have happened if I had not made coffee for the geo-phys guys or fed those children. I've "needed" a knife once in that same time, I mean I had other tools that could have worked, and who needs...
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    Spyderco Salt 2 perfect choice for me??

    H1 is a work-hardening steel, so in the plain edge, its got a lower edge retention than average, though with the expected ease of sharpening. I've got the Caribbean and native salt in LC200n and have had them out around salt water a bunch, and find it a great steel all around. If you can swing...
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    Exactly as Henry pointed out, without knowing what you are cutting, its hard to make recommendations. In general, the lighter and more flexible the stuff you are cutting, the lighter and more flexible the machete. Tramontia, condor and marbles are among the leading makers right now. They are...
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    Are you frustrated by the amount information provided by knife producers to consumers?

    Might have missed this, but overall this is a community of enthusiasts and hobbyists. So many knives can be enjoyed here based on very narrow perimeters or even a single characteristic. Yes, there are those who want to get the most out of steel, which is why we have members who have pushed the...
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    The Pioneer X = Brilliant!

    Love the X, and that green looks killer!
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    3v or A2 Steel

    The thing I will say is that you may consider your sharpening method. 3V can be harder to sharpen if you are used to high carbon steels, and getting quick effects with compounds on leather. If you are on the diamond train already, then not as much of a big deal, since you will need to sharpen...
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    Light weight knife for hiking - have to admit, it makes a difference.

    Really going to depend on the local conditions. For me, I'd generally be pretty happy with just my bugout, vic rucksack or izula (though that backpacker pro is sexy) as my absolute lightest, but then when it comes to fire making, most of the wood here can be broken by hand, or destroys...
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    Opinion: Is it poor taste for a production knife company to post in General Knife Discussion??

    One thing that I think worth mentioning (might have missed someone else already mentioning it) This forum in particular and forums in general don't have the same "format language" of other, faster moving social medial platforms. So if someone takes an instagram/facebook approach, its going to...
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    Best spinning rod and reel ?

    I've got two penn slammers a 260 and a 560, the 260 is my estuary reel, on a mid 6.5ft uglystick The slammer doesn't have a winding reverse, which is the thing that has failed on every other reel I've had, so I don't consider it a needed feature. Good, solid, cheap.
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    Spyderco Native 5 Vs. Benchmade Mini Griptillian 556 for Camping/backpacking

    I don't have a mini-grip, but I do have a full size grip, a bugout, and a native 5. Yes, you should get one. Sure the grip and 5 are going to be a bit tougher than the bugout, but probably only a matter of perception. If you don't like handle flex at all, go for the grip or the 5. So far in...
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    Sharpening a Straight Razor?

    Sorry a little late on this one, as this corner is often quiet. I hone all my razors flat with no tape. To each their own, and to each razor grind. As for microbeveling I've read of it being done, but if your hone surface is not perfect, its easy to catch the edge and take out a small chunk...
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    111mm preferences?

    I like my Rucksack and have been tempted to try an Outrider, just not sure about the bulk of the additional layer. Its a good length I think, better for food prep than the shorter ones.
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    Blue Roadie

    I love my roadie. Since where I am "Penknives" are specifically permitted for carry, its a great little do-all that is beefy enough to handle a lot of tasks. I've got a long (about the length of the handle) barrel knot fob on it, and I find that really improved its ergonomics.
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    Corona virus face masks

    Since I'm in a risk category where I'm more likely to pass it on, I've been wearing a home made mask, two layers thick of cotton. I'm not worrying about gloves, just clean-hands protocols, as that is the much more reasonable method for the few hours I need to be out. I've got a health care...
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    Small Work stations and home office thread

    If you can swing it, a work-bench kit might be the thing to do. Most "desks" are at the wrong height anyway, and you will want some adjustability, and stability. Add a pull-out shelf for your keyboard and mouse. That would let you tailor things to your preference. Besides, moving flatpack...
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    SAK with a bail, not a split ring?!

    1902 to about 1969, for cellidor. Soldiers from 63-92 have one hollow rivet where a bail could be installed, but they were not issued that way. Care of SakWiki
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    Urban bug out bag knife?

    Make sure you have something to cook in, and some way to open cans. Yeah, there are a lot of ways you can go about this. If you want to stay away from everyone else, you'll have to carry more. Having a way to cook and share food means the benefits of whatever group you can find. Don't over...
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    Suggestion to SOG Warranty/Repair

    Might be worth SOG and maybe a few other companies organizing either an import agent to deal with this, or authorize a repair facility.
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    What locking mechanism of pocket knives is the best? Why?

    The answer to that question is Yes, locks are great, and depending on where you live, slippies and frictions are good too if its what's on the EDC menu. I like my compression locks, I like my axis locks, and back locks. I've not had a frame or liner lock that worked for me in the way I wanted...