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  1. delmas2nd

    Schrade 152OT Sharpfinger

    i think it came with what you showed no slip cover or anything. i usually keep everything together and that is all i have.
  2. delmas2nd

    Schrade 152OT Sharpfinger

    oh wow i have the 1998 set. so nice to see it featured and learn some background on it.
  3. delmas2nd

    What's your latest Schrade? START DATE 3/18

    this is where i got my info. the 7 OT is not shown in the price lists for those years.
  4. delmas2nd

    What's your latest Schrade? START DATE 3/18

    the 7 OT was made in 1979 to 80 then dropped until 91. the 79 to 80 were 4 pin carbon and in 91 it was 4 pin carbon then went to 3 pin carbon.
  5. delmas2nd

    What year is my 171UH?

    did you sharpen the top blade part? makes it interesting to use. going and coming.
  6. delmas2nd

    In Memorium; Forum friends who have passed on

    a very nice guy who was willing to help and very honest too. i have several of his creations. he will be totally missed by the knife and this community for sure.
  7. delmas2nd

    Schrade 152OT Sharpfinger

    oh no! he was great and a true artist. very kind and willing to help in any way. i am lucky enough to have several of his creations and treasure them.
  8. delmas2nd

    Concerning the Pre-2004 Schrade et-al knives

    I carry a LB 7 (4 pin no serial no.) every day. fits my back pocket with my billfold perfectly. when working in the yard I wear a 171 UH.
  9. delmas2nd

    Schrade 152OT Sharpfinger

    in 1997? they used a 4 pin for the LB type knife i guess they were using older knives to make this set? since they went to 3 pin way earlier?
  10. delmas2nd

    A little help please with this Schrade Walden #825 ?.

    on a question i asked there is a chart showing the date of the tang stamps.
  11. delmas2nd

    LB7 Bear Paw LB Survey

    you can find some 7 OT's with a carbon steel blade while the Uncle Henry LB 7 had stainless blades. that is the main difference i think.
  12. delmas2nd

    Comparing LB8 Papa Bear variances with known date of Manufacture

    i have very few "Collector knives" to worry about only a display only LB 7 ser. # 1973 in a box labeled as such. and a 165 OT in its box. other than that most of my knives have been gleaned from many sources and have been used. but do love the Schrades i have. cleaning them was necessary as it...
  13. delmas2nd

    blade stamps and dates

    thanks that is exactly what i needed.
  14. delmas2nd

    Comparing LB8 Papa Bear variances with known date of Manufacture

    love the LB series of knives with the LB 7 being my favorite followed closely by the LB 8. in looking at the price list the LB 8 is listed as new in 1981 price list. i have an LB 7 with the LB 8 handle wonder when i was made?
  15. delmas2nd

    blade stamps and dates

    i have looked in here and probably do not know the correct label to put on the search but i remember seeing a chart with the blade stamps and dates from Schrade Cut Co. to Schrade. does any one have this and willing to share? i got a new knife holder/carrying case for Christmas and was filling...
  16. delmas2nd


    To all my friends on here. i hope everyone has a safe and great Holiday. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah! hope to see everyone back next year, and in that vein let me say: Happy New Year! so glad this year is done.
  17. delmas2nd

    Schrade Lake & Walker - The first 1000 numbered knives with BG24 blades.

    i so agree on keeping the father's knives. i have two of his which i treasure, a John Primble 4987 and a George Schrade Bridgeport Conn Presto knife.
  18. delmas2nd

    Photos of Schrade I*XL Collection.

    love the big blade on the last one. very usable looking.
  19. delmas2nd

    LB7 Bear Paw LB Survey

    now that is a low serial number. i was lucky enough to land #1976 it is in a semi box labeled "NOT FOR SALE DISPLAY ONLY".