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    Uddeholm Arne steel blade, copper and rosewood:
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    Here is another bowie:
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    And while at it here is another earlier work with a blade from OKC Freedom Fighter and a walnut root handle:
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    Did not share anything for a while. So here is a knife that I've finished a few weeks ago. The blade is from OKC SP42 knife, some bronze and bocote wood.
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    Stacked leather handle question...

    I would use any of leather maintenance products, something from Kiwi and alike: it is cheap, easily accessible and works perfectly well. Keep using it now and then and it will go away for sure. I do not see how it makes sense to go for something more fancy and expensive for a knife you bought...
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    Black lines near grind help.

    Try to rub them off with an alcohol or something if they bother you.
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    Fixed blade Spyderco Stretch?

    Spyderco Mule is a fixed blade version of Tenacious if I remember correctly. Wow! I guess you know what you are talking about!
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    Hitting The Wall

    Yeah, I think I am in the same place right now. I was accumulating knives for years, both folders and fixed blades. And for the last two-three years it practically stopped. It does not seem to hold the same attraction for me anymore. New knives have ridiculous looks or a price tag or often a...
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    Scandinavian Grind--Secondary Bevel or Not?

    A few years back I had a discussion here on a matter of Scandi and I remember it became quite heated by the end. And my point was that Scandi edge gets more easily damaged and then you have to remove more material while re-sharpening so overall it is more difficult to maintain. And then another...
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    The Bears' Den--Shirogorov Showcase

    It looks like a combination of an edge angle and thickness gauge - a nice touch. By the way Vladimir and Vlad are two totally different and unrelated names: the full name for Vlad is Vladislav, while short for Vladimir is Vova.
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    Russian Steel Recommendation

    I would order stainless damascus as I already have some m390 blades.
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    knife almost chosen.... i'm confused

    As said above Cold Steel Master Hunter in 3V would be a better, more affordable and viable choice. Besides, that would be the only option in my humble opinion that could be acceptable for both batoning (because of the steel) and food preparation and alike (because of the geometry). And again, it...
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    Appearantly Chocolate Isn't Good for Carbon Steel

    I do not think that was a chocolate, rather the filling. While chocolate has got cocoa butter which should prevent corrosion as any other fat, the filling may (or rather must) have some organic or not so organic acids which could be quite corrosive.
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    [09/01 Update] Counterfeit Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Fixed Blade.Fake or New package?

    Should not worry. Will not affect the quality anyway.
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    The famous Buck 110

    Buy a cheap regular one or spend a bit more on upgraded s30v steel blade from Cabelas. If you like the fit and finish and the weight and the size and the feel and will not get tired of dulling it down on your daily cutting tasks: then go for the expensive custom version.
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    Here is another RH-36 with a new sheath. I think this sheath looks much better: I've finally found the right white cord and somewhat improved the sheath proportions.
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    Tactical fixed.

    Thanks for the explanation. Do you have to heat treat when you make a knife out of a sharpening rod? That's a deliciously looking shashlik by the way!
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    Tactical fixed.

    I wonder how tactical this knife is: isn't that a Jewish circumcision knife?
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    Here is the one that I've just finished. Again a blade that I've purchased a number of years back. That one was forged from Arne steel, a Swedish equivalent of O1 as far as I know. The handle is made from a snake bean wood and a bronze on the bolster. I hope you will like it.
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    Knife Storage?

    I have actually built some kind of tool box intending to store all my knives there. It should be big enough for it. But now the problem is that I can not find a place for it that I like. So it sits in the basement empty. Now I contemplate making a few smaller boxes that I can put around here and...