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  1. David45


    What happened to “it’ll cut both ways!”?
  2. David45


    What percentage of DEK1’s leave you all’s facility with a sharpened tip, swedge and all? How many DEK1 point configurations leave CPK? Regular, sharpened swedge, sharpened tip or penetrator tip??? Perhaps someone can explain with photos 😁
  3. David45

    How to turn a Delica into a $350+ knife.

    KOD Who’s DPC clip on the beautiful Manix 2?
  4. David45

    What knife would you like to see with MagnaCut blade steel?

    Brilliant, but Manix LW first!
  5. David45

    SOLD, 15 DEK1, Delta 3V, AEBL, scales options

    I’ll take a DEK if anyone passes. I can’t believe the 15th buyer was in at 6:35, Can’t be? Delta 3V with Terotuf in OD green if possible
  6. David45

    PM3 - I bent my pocket clip...

    Casey Lynch has some great solutions. There are a couple other aftermarket clips makers but I’ve never tried them.
  7. David45

    Maxamet Care?

    I use oil saturated 0000 steel to get tree sap off the blade. A few swipes on the grey Sharpmaker rods keeps the edge sharp enough for me.
  8. David45

    Payment for renewed membership

    I would like to renew my membership but don’t want to use PayPal. Is there another way?
  9. David45

    The practice of loaning knives

    Neither borrower nor lender be!
  10. David45

    CPK Boot Daggers

  11. David45

    Manix 2 Lightweight Deep Carry Clip

    That Lynch clip (I presume) looks great on the Manix 2 LW too! Mine just about matches the blade. And it hits on the closest smooth edge around the Spyder in the logo circle. Its shorter overall length (I think) and deep carry is +++
  12. David45

    Bought a Fallkniven S1X

    I bought a couple of their kitchen knives and even my wife appreciates them. A joy to use. She’s hard on the edge but they touch up easily. The handles are very ergonomic. Really beautiful! Enjoy yours!
  13. David45

    Everybody say hi to my mom!

    Hi Nate’s Mum! I hope he keeps your knives as sharp as he does ours.
  14. David45

    Maxamet: How much warp is too much?

    My Manix 2 has a straight blade and I’m glad Spyderco went to such lengths to make it in Maxamet. Thanks Sal
  15. David45


    Can we get a proxy in the Show?
  16. David45

    Please make more Boot Knives

    I don't usualy like starting anything, but I think I speak for others who really think there is a lot more demand for Boot Knives -- and this is a good place to keep track of lost Orders if more are not made. 1 for me
  17. David45

    After Sale Lounge

    Losing kinda makes you NOT want to tell your friends about CPK :( By the way, I lost b/c my wife cursed me today -- and she has powers! :eek: Congats to the victors
  18. David45

    SOLD, 20 Boot Daggers

    ff. I'll take one I hope