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  1. WhitleyStu

    True North Knives

    Having purchased many Sebenzas, Strider SNG and SMF knives I have to say talking and ordering with Neil is always a pleasure. Sure, shipping times are a bit hard to pin down due to the pandemic, but we have all had to deal with these inconveniences and as we know soon these delays will become...
  2. WhitleyStu

    It can shave, but not slice a tomato????

    This was discussed a few weeks ago concerning the skin on a tomato being different than an orange or apple for example. It does help to keep a knife with a slight "toothy" edge for some soft items.
  3. WhitleyStu

    Your physical reaction to having had the vaccine shots

    Both first and second Mondrna gave me chills and bad body aches the second day then almost back to normal by the third day. Had COVID positive test Dec 2, 2020 and only had a mild cough for two weeks. Vaccine was worse than COVID for me...
  4. WhitleyStu

    CRK Mammoth Ivory Inlay Large Sebenza 21 --> SOLD

    SOLD I purchased this Mammoth Ivory Inlay Large Sebenza 21 new from Derrick Bohn (KnivesShipFree) in early 2014, before his untimely passing. This knife has been in my safe for the past eight years. It has not been carried or sharpened. The box, birthday card, cleaning cloth, filler tab, Allen...
  5. WhitleyStu

    Hinderer Gen 4 3.5” XM-18 Bowie SOLD

    SOLD Selling off some of my Hinderer collection so up for your consideration is a pristine NIB Hinderer 3.5” Gen 4 XM-18 with S35VN Bowie blade with grey scale. The blade has been ground to 20°/side then lightly power stropped at 18°/side. I will include an MXG Gear low ride titanium pocket...
  6. WhitleyStu

    SOLD Hinderer 3.5” XM-18

    Up for your consideration is a 3.5” XM-18 Gen 6 Tri-Way Pivot with Swedged Spearpoint Stonewashed blade and lock bar side. This is a DLT Trading Exclusive knife. The knife has grey G10 scales and comes with a MXG Gear deep carry pocket clip in addition to the factory Hinderer pocket clip...
  7. WhitleyStu

    Cleaning ceramic stones

    Aerosol carb cleaner loosens the particles of metal from the pores in the stones and lets them wash away. Leave stones out side for an hour or so till dry. Fast and easy...
  8. WhitleyStu

    Good WhitleyStu - Awesome dude, outstanding services

    Kerry, Thank you very much for the kind words. Glad we could be of assistance. Stu
  9. WhitleyStu

    How to square a knife spine with a Ken Onion Work Sharp?

    I've lowered a lot of knife spines to blend the spine to the belly when repairing broken tips. To do a proper job you need a 2x72 with a platen, as Working Edge suggested. A grinder with a horizontal option would be optimal.
  10. WhitleyStu

    Hinderer disassembly question

    If you don't have the Hinderer tool use a screw driver that fits the screw properly.
  11. WhitleyStu

    Recommendation? KME Sharpener vs Tormek T4

    You'll never regret having a Tormek. Over the years I have had three and currently have a T8. I have a 600 grit CBN wheel on my T8 and it produces an amazing edge with a light stropping. Unless you decide to do a lot of large blades a T4 will serve you for many years...
  12. WhitleyStu

    Hinderer question

    The bearings provide the best flipping action, but decide on which you want to use depending on how clean, or dirty, the environment is where you will be using the knife.
  13. WhitleyStu

    Sharp Knives and Tomatoes

    I usually ask new customers what kind of edge they want. If I get a blank look from them I explain the difference between a razor edge and a toothy edge. I use the analogy that you wouldn't try to cut a 2x4 with a razor blade and wouldn't cut a tomato with a saw. Now there are exceptions to...
  14. WhitleyStu

    Stropping V grind vs Convex

    When stropping a "V" grind strop at at 2° less than grind angle so as not to round over the edge as the leather is softer than the stone. A convex edge has a little more leave way on stropping angle. Stropping results should be equal if making sure not to round over the edge of either grind type.
  15. WhitleyStu

    Stiff and hard to open surge

    I've had my Surge for four tears and use it daily. It is still very stiff opening/closing, but given the choice of tight or loose I'll take tight over loose any time.
  16. WhitleyStu

    Recommendation? Strop without the shine?

    Feel free to use compound, but use it sparingly and apply very little pressure and time in contact with the strop. I power strop with a 2x72 leather belt charged with green or pink compound. It only takes just a few seconds of very light contact to do the job properly.
  17. WhitleyStu

    What is the next best thing that your knife have on it that make it perfect for you?

    All my XM-18s have deep carry pocket clips. For me a deep carry pocket clip is insurance that my knife is more likely to stay in the pocket till needed.
  18. WhitleyStu

    Any Beckerhead's with a Tormek ?

    @TwinStick, Consider a CBN wheel rather than a waterstone for your T-4. I run a 600 grit CBN wheel on my T-8 from Spartan and couldn't be happier with the CBN wheel's performance. With CBN there is no water needed and no dressing the wheel. I might add a 1000 grit CBN in the future.
  19. WhitleyStu

    Freehand grind?

    Freehand grind on 2x72. After you do a few thousand you get pretty good at it... :)
  20. WhitleyStu

    Any hogs live near Kokomo Indiana?

    West of Fort Wayne, out in the sticks...