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  1. Nuke

    Kwaiback Midtech

    Any more photos?
  2. Nuke

    Seven Day Loop, Mineral King Sequoia NP

    Some beautiful photography, thanks for sharing!
  3. Nuke

    New higher end production knife

    I think you have settled on the Umnumzaan over the DOC, and I just want to say I think you made the right choice. While I like both knives I think the Zaan is the better everyday hard use knife.
  4. Nuke

    Black and Orange sharpfinger

    Looks pretty damn nice to me! :):thumbup:
  5. Nuke

    What Knife Do You Have Coming?

    Andre de Villiers Butcher, Pohan Leu Blu Fin, and pimped Perock
  6. Nuke

    Frankenstein's Monsters

    Nice work thanks for the photos!
  7. Nuke

    The sickness starts

    Carried my Um for the first time today. I have to say I enjoy flicking my knives open, but the smooth deliberate and silent opening of the Um is pretty addictive. I have already started looking at the 25 and saving up for the purchase. I have the fever.
  8. Nuke

    CRK fiends, its time to come clean...

    I sit here reading this post with my first Chris Reeve, which is an Umnumzaan, still in the box that came in today from Knife Art. Based on what I have seen here, I am just moments away from contracting CRK collector disease :D
  9. Nuke

    The Most Expensive Knife You Carry

    I have in my rotation a Willumsen Perock as my priciest carry piece.
  10. Nuke

    Strider packaging

    I have purchsed custom knives wrapped in paper and nothing else, not even a plastic bag, and I have to be honest I didn't even think about it until I read this post. One reason the packaging was so basic was I believe to make it easier to get through customs. The country it came from is pretty...
  11. Nuke

    Favorite Rare Spyderco

    I have to say the Barong is my favorite!
  12. Nuke

    A Few Pics From This Past Week.

    Very nice! Which State?
  13. Nuke

    3 Favorite HOG folders?

    Emerson CQC-15, Strider SNG, ZT0561, Microtech D.O.C., Guardian Tactical Patron, Spyderco Manix 2
  14. Nuke

    Ontario Rat 1 A -- Assisted opening Rat 1 !!!

    Why?! They open like greased lightning already:confused:
  15. Nuke

    EDC III Which knife or knives are you carrying today?

    Two new knives in pocket today the Kershaw Blackwash Blur (De-Assisted) and Guardian Tactical Patron in Dark Stone Wash
  16. Nuke

    Guardian Tactical Helix & Patron folders..

    I received my Patron in dark stone wash yesterday. The ergos are extremely good, the deployment is smooth and fast and lock-up is solid. My only gripe would be blad sharpness, while it was not dull it was not super sharp along the upper portion of the blade. My W.E. took care of that. I can...
  17. Nuke

    Looking for a mid-tech non assisted flipper. Need advice

    I would highly recommend a Galyean mid-tech Turbulance for a non-assisted flipper it is amazing, might be tough to find, but if you do, you will not be sorry.
  18. Nuke

    What do you use more, pocketknife or flashlight?

    Usually my flashlight gets more use, sometimes the knife and flashlight get used together during my inspections. I have a number of EDC lights that get rotated daily, and a number of larger lights that get carried depending on the location I am going to. I also rotate my knives daily, but when...
  19. Nuke

    Your one favorite Spyderco knife?

    It is tough to choose one between Manix2, PM2 and Native
  20. Nuke

    Which knife waves the best?

    CQC-15 is best for me compared to my 7 and Road House but all three do quite well.