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    D.C. Knife Laws

    After doing a little informal checking on the internet, I've come to the conclusion that just about anything more dangerous than loose change is going to keep you out of most public buildings in Washington. Even the Victorinox Jetsetter and the Leatherman PS, both perfectly legal on any flight...
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    Vintage Rigid Knives

    I had a Bowie knife made by them to my design when I was in the Navy, about 1971 or '72. I can't remember what I paid for it at the time, but it didn't seem outlandishly high, somewhere between $100 and $150. I've heard from several sources that the early Rigids are fairly valuable, but I've...
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    RIGID Knives What Happened To Them? Photos of my Rigid Knife

    I have an RG 69 Bowie and the "Bear Paw" Bowie, but I also have a one of a kind custom Bowie that I had made in 1970, when I was in the Navy. They were taking custom orders back then, and I sent them a drawing of what I wanted. It took about 2 months for delivery. It is an 8 inch blade Bowie...
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    Kershaw 1077 Camp 10 Pics

    I;ve had mine for a few weeks, and I'm well pleased with the way that it handles and cuts. A bit thicker blade would have been more to my liking, but what's provided seems to work okay. I don't like the sheath at all, but for $40, I can live with it until I find a better one. Now I wonder how...
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    New Kershaw Camp chopper 1077-Anyone else excited about this one?

    Well, I finally got my 1077 yesterday! First impressions are, it's bigger than I had imagined (yeah, I know, the dimensions were published long ago, but that's not the same as holding it in your hand) The edge is good. Not razor sharp, but a good working edge. The handle feels good, The sheath...
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    does anyone edc their blur?

    I cid carry a Blur for several months, but I've since replaced it with a Clash, almost identical in size, but with a flipper instead of the rather uncomfortable thumb studs.
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    Knives you can only drool at?

    Just about anything with the name "Randall" in front of the model number. And just to think, I could have bought one back in the day, used, for about $100. If I bend over, will someone kick me? Hard.
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    New Kershaw Camp chopper 1077-Anyone else excited about this one?

    Well, here it is just a couple of weeks til Christmas, and still no 1077 or any word when, if ever, we will se it for real. Thanks, Kershaw, I was really hoping that Santa could bring me one of these. Guess I'll be crying in my egg nog this year.
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    Camp 10

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't this thing supposed to be available sometime in 2012? I'm beginning to seriously doubt that they're gonna make it.
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    Tarzan's Knife?

    My guess as to the type of knife that Tarzan carries is based on what little we are told in the first novel, "Tarzan Of The Apes." The knife was, obviously, the personal property of Tarzan's father, described as having a "long slender blade," which would lead me to believe that it would most...
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    John Carter of Mars

    I'm one of the people who have been waiting half a century, literally, to see "A Princess Of Mars" on screen. My opinion is, it was well worth the wait. I would, and have, recommended it to all of my friends without hesitation. I didn't expect to see everything in "A Princess Of Mars" in the...
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    Folders that are nail splitters

    It's not something that I would really recommend for top quality knives, but back before the various "one hand opener" knives with assorted holes and studs attached to the blades became so common, we would loosen up the action on our Parker and United Cutlery knives by putting a little #0000...
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    United Cutlery

    Both United Cutlery and Frost Cutlery knives were fairly popular at the power plants where I worked before retiring, and I would feel safe in wagering that the same holds true most places where whatever knife you carry is going to wind up getting much more abuse than use. Why ruin a $75 knife...
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    Need an advise.

    For a pocket knife, I would say something along the lines of a good Swiss Army knife would be my first choice, but any folder with a primary blade under 3 inches should be allowable just about anywhere except in places like court houses, government buildings, and, of course, airports. For a...
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    Vietnam Vets:What knife or knives did you carry in Vietnam?

    I was on a destroyer during the war, only a few months of my 4 years in the Tonkin Gulf, but i our shop everybody had the standard TL-29 or the 4 blade boy scout folder of one brand or another, usually Case or Camillus. I can't remember ever seeing an actual Victorinox SAK. Some of the younger...
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    What knives do you have with you when watching: The Walking Dead?

    The last time that I watched the show, I was finishing the edge up on an Ontario SP10 Marine Raider
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    "Why do you always carry a knife?"

    All of those are good reasons, but my reason for always carrying a knife is quite simple: because I always have. In the culture that I grew up in (rural NW Georgia) a man or boy simply wasn't without his pocket knife. It was indispensable. From cleaning out fingernails and making toothpicks to...
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    Guns in the woods?

    Either my Colt LW Commander .45 acp, Colt Cobra .38 Spl, or Walther P22, depending on where I am. Anywhere that I don't feel safe with one of those three, I don't go.
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    Knife for bears

    A knife for grizzly bears? Chuck don't need no stinkin' knife!
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    Need info on a 5/16" hex driver

    I have several drivers that handle 5/16 bits in various brands. Craftsman, Klein, Snap-On, and several others make them, including some really cheap, low quality tools. Check Sears, KMart, Home Depot, Ace, just about anywhere where tools are sold. They're available for 1/4 1nd 5/16 bits, so make...