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    Queen QCCC Cattle Knife & Queen City 376 Swell Center Stag

    Two Queens for sale. Prompt Payment via PayPal G&S required. Shipping and PayPal fees included. USA sales only please. The first is a Queen City 376 swell center that was made in 2012. 1095 steel and measures 3 7/8" Amber Stag handles. In mint condition. As shipped from the factory. Original...
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    SOLD>>>>Case 6250 Elephant Toe 1976 4 Dot Jigged Wood

    This is a catch and release for me. I've got my eye on something else and need the bucks. Case 6250 Elephant Toe in used condition. Nice snap on both blades. Measures 4 3/8". Wood handles are crack free. 4 Dot, 1976. SOLD>>>>> via paypal only. Price includes shipping and paypal fees. USA sales...
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    I'll take the 48.
  5. bdev

    77 Barlow price drop

    I'll take the 78.
  6. bdev

    Bucks, Moore Maker, Kabar, & Schrade USA

    If the moore maker is available, I'll take it. Moore Maker 5204 Moose yellow bone - $25
  7. bdev

    SOLD Fallkniven Gentlemen's Pocket Knife - Cocobolo Handles

    This knife is SOLD I bought this knife thinking it would be part of my EDC but after carrying it for a few days, decided it wasn't for me. Still has its factory edge and I bought it new from TSA knives. Super smooth action and locks up (Liner Lock) like a bank vault. Cocobolo handles. It is 4"...
  8. bdev

    $old>> NIT Gec#56 Dogleg appaloosa Single Blade

    I'll take the 56. Please PM your paypal info. Thanks.
  9. bdev

    SOLD Schatt & Morgan

    The steel is 420 High Carbon Steel. Does it still have the blade etching on the opposite side? A pic of the etch would be nice.
  10. bdev

    All Sold

    I'll take the 54
  11. bdev

    AAPK/Canal Street-2x Price Drop

    Tried to send you a PM but your inbox is full. Getting on a plane in 2 hours so won't be able to contact you till tomorrow.
  12. bdev

    Both sold

    I'll take the 81 for $65.00
  13. bdev

    REDUCED: GEC 23, 48, 73, 74

    Hi, I'm interested in the 23. Would you take 60 for it? Note: I just renewed my membership and don't think PM's are working yet. Thanks......Bruno
  14. bdev

    Case Rough Black Price Drop

    email me at .... at yahoo dot com