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    Sad news

    Thank you Yangdu. After 18 years of chats, arguments, laughter and friendship with Berk, I'm left slightly shocked. Condolences to his family. Good journey Berk! Spiral aka Jonathan said.
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    Possible help on I.D.??

    Looks around ww2 era to me, not issue , private purchase, but a real and working kukri that someone C. 1940 to 1947 thought was worth buying. Would have cost more than most in the bazaars and khukri factors.... Obviously most people buying non village kukri at that era were in whichever...
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    WSC51 Wilkinson Sword kukri.

    Your welcome!
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    WSC51 Wilkinson Sword kukri.

    Hi! Thanks for your pm at IKRHS, sorry you had trouble uploading pics there, the software is a bit outdated & none of us are IT guys. To answer your question, yes frog & scabbard are correct original Wilkinson sword product. Cleaning the blade with baby oil & 0000 wire wool would be good...
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    Poor attitude and insults from Tora blades owner/worker Simon hengle

    Yes for fighting {if your not expendable} speed is of the essence. If your using it as a utility tool weight is preferable. Ive had 19th early 20th century military Nepelese longleaf kuris that weighed a kilo {36 oz.} The were carried by tough solders, when they didn't carry hundreds of...
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    Poor attitude and insults from Tora blades owner/worker Simon hengle

    It seems Simion Hengle of Tora kukri is still selling kukris on facebook & has upset these guys in Australia & indeed Nepal according to them in this youtube videos from OZ.
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    Falkland-era Kukris

    I agree, in fact id say most Indian army units had a kuk or two , or a dozen maybe, even if sometimes just in the camp box with an axe, shovel ,pickaxe & hammer. But certainly many ncos & officers bought & wore personal kukris. Ive not researched every Indian army regiment so in truth I...
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    Falkland-era Kukris

    That's tough, one of my granddads was thier in 1914 and became a machine gunner from 1915 onwards.... He was only 18, Gassed twice too... used to get pneumonia every winter for ever after.... Died of it about 50 years later... Another was caught at Gallipoli & was a prisoner of the...
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    Falkland-era Kukris

    Thanks for not shooting the messenger! I did this article which will give you details of many ww1 era kukri. Hope it helps You & Yangdu find the right one for you...:thumbup: Spiral
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    Falkland-era Kukris

    mmm Thanks, Sadly as so often occurs I think the family narrative has got a little mixed up along the line there. All Gurkhas had left France for Egypt, Palestine, Turkey, Iraq etc long before 1917. All the best, Spiral
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    Falkland-era Kukris

    What unit was he with? what year? Then I can give you details of the most likely shapes weights & measures of that time & place. {not an exact science but we can do ok...} Then Yangdu or one of the regulars can lead you to the nearest item to that I expect? spiral
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    Falkland-era Kukris

    The Gurkhas saw no combat in the Falklands, the Argentinian conscripts would surrender to any unit they could to be kept away from Gurkhas, as their officers had told them the were head hunting cannibals with big knives. 15 Gurkhas were injured by a random artillery shell on a camp, One...
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    Kukri bayonet?

    From your description a fake. Even most that look real & straight are fake... Sold by the one of the companys that had a couple of hundred real ones. Good photo will give you a 100% answer though. Truth is in the welding...... Spiral
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    Gurkha Shield? Seriously?

    Indian army Gorkhas train with shield & kukri. They wouldn't use the shield in war, Shield & kukri are probably good for riot control though. Gorkha troops were appreciated in history in India as they wouldn't side with Sikhs,Muslims or even Hindu groups within India. They traditionally...
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    Excelent kukri article about metal ring griped kukris.

    Hello Chaps, this might be of interest to those of you interested in ww2 era kukri.. A long term, prolific & expierienced English kukri collector Christopher Scott who is regular in depth researcher at Winchesters official Gurkha museum has just penned this article on Ethnographic arms...
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    Poor attitude and insults from Tora blades owner/worker Simon hengle

    Indeed Simon Hengle {Often known as sirupate on weaponary type forums} who the owner or tora kukri & tora martial arts from Plymouth, in Devon England was banned for life from this site many years ago for using multiple identities to back himself up in discussions & arguments. He has since more...
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    Just curious if anyone has had the USPS lose a khuk.

    What does it say on the tracking site?
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    Karda... banned?!

    Sorry to hear this, always respected him for his work here, even when we had different opinions, but sadly many driven & single minded people upset others & forums can be a rocky road. Would be good if he can return in the future.. {If he so wishes of course.} Good luck Karda, enjoy the...
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    Anyone knows if this is indeed a HI?

    I hate seeing him trying to baton it through the kindling so far down the blade, O well hes just a nipper I guess , he will learn in time. spiral
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    Legitimate khukuri? What's its story?

    I am sure better pictures would find an interested audience, being a bit jaded I can see recognise those features as Ive seen them on similar kukri before. {Sorry but its true... their not common though. } This thread tells how to join ikrhs...