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  1. avidknifeusersf

    Last price drop BM47 Tanto Balisong

    Avidknifeuser is me or I wanted to be him... either way. He's legit.
  2. avidknifeusersf

    Spark, I done messed up my membership upgrade

    I tried to upgrade to gold but did it to my wrong account. Its a long story why the two are confused but id like it to apply to this account since this is the one that my history got transferred to. Heck you can delete the account it got applied to as far as im concerned. Anyway I did it through...
  3. avidknifeusersf

    Performance Fleece

    Patagonia, The North Face, and Mountain Hardware, all make good stuff that you can find on sale. As someone asked, are you looking for a fleece to layer with or to be used as an outer layer? Something with high-loft like a monkey man, or Patagonia R3 is great for insulation and breathing, but...
  4. avidknifeusersf

    iPad or Galaxy Tab?

    I dunno if im too late, but if you can, wait till November. Rumor is Apple is refreshing its Ipad line in October. Also the Microsoft Surface is coming out which will be a compelling option, imo. Amazon sent me a kindle Fire HD to review, ive played with a samsung (the 10.1), the google nexus...
  5. avidknifeusersf

    Help, my car's a piece of excrement

    Leaky injector or valve somewhere in there? We had an expedition that leaked coolant in such a way that it ate the seals causing a leak right in one of the cylinders which also allegedly lead to a problem with the alternator (which caused random everything shuts down type of stalls) It caused a...
  6. avidknifeusersf

    What shades are you wearing

    Randolph Engineering Ad mens, Rayban tortoise new wayfarers.
  7. avidknifeusersf

    Computer Woes

    The odds are low, but you might want to try plugging it in without the battery and starting it. This has worked for a couple of my Dells where the battery was causing the short. If/when you go to replace it, I wouldnt go with a Dell, I was very dissatisfied with the very high end one I bought...
  8. avidknifeusersf

    Best hot weather balaclava?

    You should look up how to tie a shemagh. If its coming off from lawn mowing your doing it wrong! At any rate here you go, check out the: Schampa Coolskin Balaclava , Color: Black BLCLV015 Ive used it on a moto before, and my dad used this same one for a trip on his bike through a sandstorm.
  9. avidknifeusersf

    Electolytes and minerals for high heat?

    Theyve done studdies that if your tongue tastes any sort of sugar, you get an increase in performance/endurance. Something around 5%. I've added a bottle or two of pedialyte to water for desert hiking in very dry climates where I know im losing salt and water. I'm pretty confident just trail mix...
  10. avidknifeusersf

    Who else likes these Ti lanterns??

    I have that one on the far left in HA III. I love that thing on my keys. So easy to find in the mornings and at nights. I think everyone should have em on their keychains.
  11. avidknifeusersf

    Remington on MW3?

    we could do that, or you could just check this link I didnt realize the msr was so secret?
  12. avidknifeusersf

    Serious problems with my Zebralight SC60 - HELP NEEDED

    If the zebra light isnt metal, you might want to try putting it in the freezer. I have used this with more plastic items that have had rechargable batteries that have swelled like that. That being said I had an old metal jet beam that I never managed to get the battery out of. I tried heating it...
  13. avidknifeusersf

    Night vision mono for camping?

    I go camping various places in Ca maybe 5ish times a year. I like to go skiing and other outdoor adventures maybe 4ish times. Ever since I played with my buddies 'surplus' real NVG goggles I've thought they were very cool. Occassionally when I'm camping I look around when its dark and wonder...
  14. avidknifeusersf

    Ok- what exactly is a tactical pen?

    I dont think of em so much as tactical, as over built. Unlike 511 tac pants for an office worker, they make a lot of sense for someone who works in an office and uses a pen frequently. I had an original SF I got as a present. I used the heck out of it. I now use a stainless Embassy Pen and a...
  15. avidknifeusersf

    Surefire Wristlight... Anyone know any release dates? Prices?

    If were lucky it will be a year! I'm not sure if you've followed other SF releases Infi, but sometimes they take years to show up if at all, from when they show faux functional protype. Which you know means it will be great, but also sucks when youre holding off waiting for a particular product...
  16. avidknifeusersf

    Polyester or an epoxy mycarta for DEET resistance?

    It doesnt answer your question, but I've had very good results with Permethrin repellent. I've used it on a ton of gear for a couple years now and have had 0 problems.
  17. avidknifeusersf

    waterproof dressy watch?

    Eh, most divers are pretty dressy, because they know theyll get a lot more purchases from people who want to wear it to work versus actual divers. Its all how you define dressy though. But where did you find an actual amphibia for $60? I've been lusting after one of the 70's ones but cant bring...
  18. avidknifeusersf

    Video Games

    I am loving the suggestions here. I buy about 3-4 games a year. I still am playing GT5 and BF3. For whatever reason BF3 is very hard for me to get the hang of. I love how different they got and their huge environs but i have a heck of a time aiming and making the repeated shots into people, even...
  19. avidknifeusersf

    Blade Buddy for shaving razors

    I think i read somewhere else that it didnt really work. The best thing ive been able to do to extend the life of my razors is: to to rinse and dry them off after every use, and or store them in oil. Also occassionaly run a cork over the blade. I have no idea what that actually does, but it...