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  1. michaelm466

    Longest you waited for pre-order

    For the Titanium/G10 CPM-M4 Military I put a 100% deposit on it, 18 months later they were delivered.
  2. michaelm466

    Backpack advice requested

    Osprey packs, well made, with a forever warranty, I have one that I've carried almost everyday for about 10 years, it's been to 3 different countries, and on dozens of trips, the elastic is finally starting to wear out, but ripped seams, bad zippers, or holes. I also have about 5 other of...
  3. michaelm466

    Recommendation? Benchmade Super Freek vs Spyderco Shaman

    I have both, I prefer the Shaman- ergos, beefier blade, compression lock.
  4. michaelm466

    Shaman Vs Manix 2

    I have a couple of each, I prefer the Shaman, for a couple reasons: the compression lock, 3D handle scales over flat scales, slightly larger size overall.
  5. michaelm466

    Microtech Socom Elite

    I also have one of each, I prefer the manual, very smooth action, easy to open, the auto button is difficult to actuate.
  6. michaelm466

    How does CTS-XHP compare?

    Good all arounder, but won't hold an edge as long as the other two.
  7. michaelm466

    Fixed blade Spydercos

    The Province and Waterway are on my list, already have several mules, aqausalt, sprig, south fork, and fish hunter.
  8. michaelm466

    Kukri Question

    Yeah, I'd go real Kukri also (Himalayan imports). I have one it's definitely quality, and I like that it's the real deal, made in Nepal, 5160, horn/wood handle, leather sheath, handmade everything.
  9. michaelm466

    BM AFCK vs Spyderco PM 2?

    Like whp said, AFCK is definitely larger and narrower, much closer to Spyderco Military or Police, I'd say the Benchmade Contego is similar in size with the same lock. Different blade shape and ergos though.
  10. michaelm466

    Spyderco Shaman red loctite

    Dremel a slot in for a flat head screw driver.
  11. michaelm466

    Warning on PM2 10V

    No problems switching the screws on my DLC version.
  12. michaelm466

    Copper Handles vs Coronavirus ?

    I recently read a study supporting this as well, workers from copper factories, copper jewellers, and a couple other groups that worked with copper everyday had an infection rate 10x less than that of the general public in the same city during the Spanish flu.
  13. michaelm466

    How do i buy used knives here?

    For your budget I'd recommend looking at the Mora line of knives, you can buy new, they'll have a larger more comfortable to use handle than an Izula, and come in cabin or stainless. Here's the link for forum fixed blades also:
  14. michaelm466

    Off Topic Why does the forum have ads from

    It's funniest when somebody gets on here or one of the other forums I'm on with a similar ad service all indignant about the "Adult ads" all over the website, one of a kid logged on and saw that. Then other members ask if they have been to these types of websites recently, some will own up to...
  15. michaelm466

    Q about a dealer

    I ordered from them once and didn't have any problems besides them being slow to ship, but that was years ago, and I might have just gotten lucky.
  16. michaelm466

    How do you feel about Emerson knives?

    I had a CQC-13 had it for about a year didn't carry it much did it to fund more Spydercos, missed the design (really like the blade shape on the 13) got a newer one on the exchange for about $140 LNIB still have it, no plans to get rid of it, wasn't willing to pay new prices, but worth the used...
  17. michaelm466

    Which ZT is most like a hinderer?

    I have the XM-24, 0560, and 0562, I'd say 0560 is closer, but 0562 is a close second.
  18. michaelm466

    Hinderer Ranch Bowie

    Any interest in trades?
  19. michaelm466

    Which knife brands require MAP pricing?

    Boker and Condor tool and knife as well