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    Dive knife recommendation?

    Before I got my awesome Spyderco Aqua Salt, which I would hate to lose in the water, I used a Gerber River Shorty which is much less expensive and now lives in my wife's dive kit. I only had rust once and that was after I didn't rinse in freshwater and let it dry. Otherwise 8 years of flawless...
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    H1 lives up to the hype

    I've had a Salt I as a knife while diving and snorkeling for five years now and it is in perfect shape. I intentionally did not dry it after my first dive and let it sit overnight and the only rust was in the etching which is apparently leftover steel from the machining. I kick myself all of...
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    Bladeforums and China: Broaden your perspectives, reconsider your prejudices.

    I haven't read all five pages but I'll throw in my two cents. Knives to me functional art. I want to support makers who I can trust are treating their artists well so I will spend on Scandinavian, Japanese, Taiwan (Spyderco), and U.S.A. I don't have the time or desire to follow up every...
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    Bushcraft Knife under $200.00 and why?

    I have the old Blind Horse version and I really don't need another bushcrafter. Awesome knife.
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    Kershaw Leek? New question, post 66

    For a nice EDC the Leek is one of the best out there, when you factor in the USA made and light price tag for the aforementioned country of origin and nice steel you can't miss. C1428N is highly underrated and if you get the composite D2 (like I have) you have a little pointy 3" blade that will...
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    I Want a knife with a D2 blade

    The 710 is a great knife. It carries very small for a good sized folder.
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    Sub $200 flippers

    If you can find a Kershaw Ram you will be hitting the ball out of the park. Ridiculously fast opening in a nice, stout package. Feels great in the hand and I love 14C28N steel, an odd Scandinavian cousin that doesn't get the respect it deserves.
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    Kershaw Piston VS Kershaw Knockout? Recommendations?

    I have a Piston and really like it. Great user, like a poor man's 710. Big belly on the blade and the G10 is nice and grippy. I have not used a Knockout but I'm sure it is good as well.
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    Favorite Steel

    I love my Kershaws in this steel. Really takes a keen edge and does not require much maintenance in my experience.
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    Sorry Sal, you're repair dept fails!

    You're is a contraction. What you said in English: "Sorry Sal, you are repair department fails!". I think what the posters are saying is if you have the opportunity to address the head of a company because he cares enough to participate in a forum dedicated to his product use some decorum or...
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    best folder for $75 or less

    I love my Piston. I think the 14C28N Kershaw uses is highly underrated. Beefy knife with a flipper that disappears in the pocket. Other than that an Endura or Blur would be my pick.
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    Best Corrosion Resistant EDC Steel - 14C28N ?

    I am a diver and have used a Gerber River Shorty because it is cheap as my primary dive knife (Hawaii, Fl. Keys, Mexico) for years and it does not have a speck of rust. It is mirror polished and as long as I dry it out after dives there in no oxidation on the cheap (presumably) metal. Now I...
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    Mini Griptilian vs full size

    Held both before purchasing and I just really liked the mini. Great useful length and felt good. The full just felt off somehow while the mini sits in my hand like an extension of it. Great little blade.
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    MCUSTA, underrated?

    I bought my brother a Mcusta Tactility for his graduation. I had never owned one myself but it looked beautiful and was in my price wheelhouse. I just handled it this weekend and the thing is jaw dropping. Razor sharp, (my brother does not sharpen so this was out of box), very nice feeling in...
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    Advice for a sheeple friendly edc?

    Sticktodrum is a intelligent fellow. I carry my Case Butterbean everywhere and not one box or envelope has stood up to its wrath. If cutting every day items is the mission of your EDC a good traditional folder slippie is your knife.
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    time for me to pull the trigger on some bear spray

    Sounds like you did all the right things there Riley. I had a similar experience with a adult male black up in the Apostle Islands WI two years ago. I got a couple of pictures and showed them to a ranger couple that lived on the particular island I was backpacking on (Oak Island) and they said...
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    Tactical vs traditional

    If by tactical you mean one hand opening I really rely on the one hand opening when only carrying one knife. The number of times I am holding something to cut in position, or even holding the grill lid while checking the steaks and I use one hand opening is by far my greatest consideration when...
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    Sunglasses Recommendation from you guys

    Maui Jims are great just like all these guys are saying. Consider Naitives for sports. Good price and great quality, I have Jim's and Native and Jim's are my going out glasses and Natives are my running, hiking, rowing, fishing, etc pair. I assume you do these types of things if you are...
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    What wild animals concern, worry, or even scare you ?

    I'm on alert for bears. Regardless of the manual they are difficult to predict and there is not much you can do if one actually decides to attack. I was charged by a boar up in Wisconsin and it was not fun but at least they don't like whistles, that kept him at bay. Ironically, the only time...