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  1. DeadFall27

    AA Forge Trade Blanket - WTB, WTS, WTT!!!

    Specs and price on that one?
  2. DeadFall27

    Recommendation? Aging Brass Bolsters

    D yo think that I would be able to do these things with the pommel as well? My only fear is finishing these pieces and ruining the finished bolster when I peen the tang and try to make it flush with the bolster. I would have to do the ammonia treatment again if I polished away the finish by...
  3. DeadFall27

    Recommendation? Aging Brass Bolsters

    Hello Everyone, I have been experimenting with a lot of handle materials and types of handles for puukkos lately, but I surprisingly haven't touched on any of the basic materials for puukko bolsters; Nickel and brass. For those on here that use brass in their handles, what methods do you use...
  4. DeadFall27

    Scrapyard Muk LE #164

    Hey all, Looking to move my Muk. Asking $275 shipped CONUS. Offers more than welcome, no trades please. Muk is sharpened with some scratches from use, stones. Comes with an Azwelke carbon fiber Kydex sheath.
  5. DeadFall27

    Case Cheetah Chestnut Bone

    Hey all, Selling my Case Cheetah. Covers are Chestnut Bone. Comes with the box and papers too. Asking $100 shipped CONUS. Offers welcome
  6. DeadFall27

    Spectrum Energetics Adonized Titanium Box Cutter

    Hey all, Selling my Sepectrum Energetics Utilizer box cutter. Asking $155 shipped CONUS. Price is to get it gone quicker, they go for much more. Comes with the box, wrench and the custom add-on clip lanyard.
  7. DeadFall27

    Recommendation? Welding Stainless Tang Extension?

    Hey all, I cut the handle off of a beat up Spyderco Puukko to make a new handle/sheath for it, but I was hoping the tang would be a little longer. I want to use moose antler and stacked birch bark for the handle, and in order to do it the way I want, Ill need a longer tang to be able to peen...
  8. DeadFall27

    2 Finland Made Puukko (PRICE DROP)

    *My apoligies, got too excited and forgot to read some of the post*
  9. DeadFall27

    Morakniv Garberg regrind

    Hey all, just ordered a Morakniv Garberg on sale ($30!) and realized the edge doesn't go all the way back to the handle. I'm hoping to find someone that's willing to grind an edge all the way to the handle like the Kansbol's edge (going all the way back to where the bolster would be if it had...
  10. DeadFall27

    Spyderco Puukko

    Double post, trying to delete this one :)
  11. DeadFall27

    Spyderco Puukko

    Hey all, Selling my Spyderco Puukko. asking $OLD I got an extra from another member and figure I'll keep his and sell this one. Comes with the box, sheath is still in the packaging, never cut anything or sharpened.
  12. DeadFall27

    Wood Stabilizing

    Hello! I was hoping to find someone who can stabilize some wood blocks for me that has a vacuum chamber. I was going to send them off to one of the websites, but I was told the turnaround time is about a month or two, so Im hoping to find someone with a vacuum chamber that can stabilize a...
  13. DeadFall27

    Fiddleback Flea Market

    Bump, still available :)
  14. DeadFall27

    Want to Trade For Spyderco Puukko

    My apologies. I have Fiddleback Forge Esquire, a customized Condor Bushlore (Custom sheath, birch bark, stabilized purple maple burl and moose antler handle), A customized Polar blade, and a few used antique traditionals.
  15. DeadFall27

    Want to Trade For Spyderco Puukko

    Hey all, Looking for a Spyderco Puukko. The more damaged the handle, and missing sheath is a plus, the better. I wanna make my own handle for it. I have axes and a couple knives to offer for trade. Cheers.
  16. DeadFall27

    Stabilizing wood with drilled/burned holes

    Hey all! I was wondering if I can stabilize my wood block after burning the Tang into it for a tight fit. I have done this a couple times now with stable wood and unstable wood without stabilizing it. After some research, I found that burning tangs into stabilized woodland hardwoods is...
  17. DeadFall27

    Kellokosi 12.3 Sale

    I have not received an email in my folder. Could you try again? Or provide yours so I can try? Cheers! [email protected]
  18. DeadFall27

    Kellokosi 12.3 Sale

    Head is ~2.5-3lbs and the handle is 25 inches from top of the head to the bottom of than handle. Unfortunately I dont have a scale to measure the exact weight.
  19. DeadFall27

    Fiddleback Flea Market

    Asking $190 shipped for this esquire