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  1. JR42

    Benchmade out of the box sharpness

    In western Oregon, you say? And a laughably small amount of money? You know there's a whole forum here for this kind of stuff, right?
  2. JR42

    Nice knife with missing logo on blade

    Is the missing logo located where it'll wear off with enough use (like above the edge somewhere), or where it won't (like the ricasso)?
  3. JR42

    Sold....Esee 3 outfit

    I'll take the Landi if it's still available.
  4. JR42

    Recommendation? Endela or Delica

    Congrats man! I picked up my first Para 3 a few weeks ago on the exchange and was surprised by how much it's like a chubby choiled Delica- the blade and handle lengths are spot on.
  5. JR42

    Recommendation? Endela or Delica

    Any possibility you can handle both before you purchase one? Some folks have strong opinions about the handles... I need to pick up an Endela and check it out. I'm a big fan of the Delica, and I think it's worth a try even if you end up not liking it.
  6. JR42

    Cheap Esee 5 Alternative

    Looks like the Rodan (and the longer versions I also should have tried out but didn't) are all discontinued... the Mini Hudson looks like a decent value these days. ETA you can still find the Rodan online, but it costs nearly what the Mini Hudson does...
  7. JR42

    PM2: A Little Ugly

    Which movie? Cliffhanger? There were a few options in that timeframe, but that's the first that comes to mind... ETA my first Spyderco and first expensive folding knife was a stainless serrated Police, in part due to that ridiculous film, around 1999. I also like the way Spydercos look (and...
  8. JR42

    CPM MagnaCut – The Next Breakthrough in Knife Steel

    Is someone bitter and confused about how exclusives work?
  9. JR42

    CPM MagnaCut – The Next Breakthrough in Knife Steel

    I really like the nod to Vasco with the name and artwork, and would totally buy a t-shirt or three with that artwork on it. I'm also really looking forward to user reports on this steel.
  10. JR42

    Tacticlol Knives II: The Return of Ridiculous

    lolz. It looks an awful (get it?) lot like a Spyderco Gunting especially. Spyderco thumb ramps usually follow the circumference of the round hole.
  11. JR42

    Bk9 What If...

    I don't recall them flying off the shelves- they were pretty expensive (at the time, a Camillus BK-7 was around $55, and the S30V version was over $200 IIRC- the limited KaBar version made from Camillus bankruptcy blanks was even more, but those went quick). The folks who bought them seemed to...
  12. JR42

    Bk9 What If...

    Camillus did that with S30V back in the day... e.g.
  13. JR42

    Scandi grind for EDC

    I've carried a Mora a bit at work and home on and off for a while, and for what I normally do with knives it worked just fine. Not great at cutting thick, stiff material, and not a good paring knife substitute, but works opening boxes, cutting pallet wrap and banding, poking stuff, gentle...
  14. JR42

    PM2: A Little Ugly

    I've been carrying a Spydie PM2 for nearly a decade now, PM before that, with lots of distractions along the way. I figure if I'm doing stuff that could crack the blade, I probably shouldn't be using any folder of any kind. Spydercos are usually designed and ground to cut well, not to be be...
  15. JR42

    Spyderco REDUCED Again: Blue Tenacious Package

    I'll take the SPY27 Para 3. ETA your inbox is full, PM me and I can send paypal tomorrow. Thanks!
  16. JR42

    Best Machetes?

    I rationalize buying relatively expensive sheaths for cheap knives I like by buying extras of the cheap knives, because the sheath might outlive the knife. I haven't bought a nice machete sheath yet though, I don't casually carry one often enough to justify it... yet. Good machete sheaths are...
  17. JR42

    Your 3 best fixed blade knives under 5 ounces

    Spyderco Moran (either flavor) and Street Bowie are very light. They do have short stubby tangs, though. No cool stories, but they all work very well in the kitchen. Rumor has it if you break a Street Bowie Fred Perrin will magically appear and kiss you on the lips...
  18. JR42

    Older Cold Steel and Becker knives (mostly Camillus)

    I'll take the BK-10, PM sent.