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    Spyderco Military vs Benchmade Griptilian

    Heh, I'd say Spyderco Stretch. I own a Military and a Mini-Grip... Thoughts? The Military has been a reliable companion for pretty long. The blade is great for outdoors and the knife is basically built for that sort of work. Long, broad blade, cuts really well. I got the orange Military, which...
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    Help choosing an EDC... which one should I choose?

    I'd agree with the choice of a traditional knife. Otherwise maybe look at an Opinel :)
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    A Specific Overall Design You're Fond Of?

    Lockback, slim blade, one-hand opening. Lots of stuff from Fallkniven, as well as Spyderco's Kiwi and Kopa, have caught my eye. Then there is Al Mar :)
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    Brand Loyalty

    Hmmm, every time I look at my "want to buy" list-not really "brand loyalty", but all the knives on it are Spydercos. Of course there are exceptions here and there :)
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    Lone Wolf Longhorn Knife Giveaway

    International guy who's never touched the Exchange here :) If you don't want to send it my way in the off-chance that I win, it's okay :D Thanks! It's a nice gesture for you guys to make.
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    Opinions of Benchmade

    I believe the anti-Benchmade does not come without a reason. Neither does the Pro-Benchmade. Good experience with a Benchmade knife doesn't invalidate other peoples' bad experiences. The same goes for other companies-I personally find it rather amusing when, on the Spyderco factory forum...
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    Any other PPT fans out there?

    If I weren't a Lefty I would already own one. Paul's description is spot on. If it had a back lock...or a left handed would be perfect.
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    Stiff Spyderco Military?

    That really shouldn't be necessary. My Military was a little stiff at first. I oiled it and then before I could worry about it I had to use it. About a month later it was smooth as silk. Break it in. It'll be nice :) The pivot can be tweaked as well, but the sweet spot of smooth motion...
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    Just got a Orange Millie.

    I love mine. Been a very reliable companion for everything outdoors over the last two years.
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    Sage 4

    SS for me, mainly 'cause of price. Well, if it's going to be built anything like the Al Mar blades I saw today, it will be magnificent!
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    Chris Reeve Umnumzaan, my first 400 dollar knife that feels like a 400 dollar knife.

    Hmmm,good to know :) Great photos, by the way, they really do the knife justice.
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    Benchmade 710 vs Spyderco Paramiltary 2

    Wise decision :) If I were to decide it would be Para2 (or its larger cousin the Military) based on ergos and the lack of recurve in the blade. I'm not too great at sharpening :) My Mili has served me with distinction for a couple of years now, and I'm glad I got one.
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    Help Me Pick A Spyderco EDC!

    Stretch. Definitely.
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    Chris Reeve Umnumzaan, my first 400 dollar knife that feels like a 400 dollar knife.

    Came across an Umnunzaan in a knife shop while I was out of town. I was quite impressed with it, but I can't figure out how to work the thumb studs. Call me a dope, but there it is... Perhaps being spoiled by Spyderholes did that! The blade and build quality is splendid, though!
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    No more Benchmades for me for a while...

    Balik kampung. Back on topic, they're great knives but not for me. Don't much like the way the edges on three out of four BM's I saw (the Mini-Grip, HK14210 and Rift) were poorly ground; other than that the designs, save the Rift, don't appeal to me.
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    What folding knife would you reccomend for around 75$?

    Spyderco Stretch. Nothing comes close to it for the role and price. If you can get your hands on the ZDP model then even better but the VG10 one is great as well.
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    Benchmade 555HG mini Griptilian

    Prefer the Delica to it, but I will say that the Mini-Grip has one of the nicest, best placed thumb studs ever.
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    Spyderco knives are really ugly

    On the topic of nice-looking non-Spyderco knives, the Fallkniven folders, and Al Mars, and Seki-Cut, and MCusta are definitely up there. On that of nice-looking Spydercos, I really love the blade shape of the Military and the Para.