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  1. KX1A

    Which Scotch?

    And it perks you right up too, don't it?:D:D
  2. KX1A

    Which Scotch?

    Oban works for me or if you like the peaty side, Laphroaig ain't bad:D
  3. KX1A

    OLd timers

    Wow, good to see some of the oldtimers still kicking around as well as all the newer oldtimers. Still kicking around myself although not as high. Jerry's little one must be getting big. any new ones Jerry??:) Hammy, lost your e-mail somehow. Used to enjoy all the attachments you used to...
  4. KX1A

    OLd timers

    How many old timers are still around??? Bill W KXbaconA
  5. KX1A

    Did anyone find the Disney World HOG tag?

    How long are Busse tags good for?? I've got two:D Bill W
  6. KX1A

    Woods Gathering In Ct

    Ahhhh. Pine Meadow. Nice area
  7. KX1A

    Off topic and heart warming

    Thought those here on the board would appreciate this. Bill W
  8. KX1A

    Question for the Aussies

    Gundy, Ian, and any others...G'day There's a story going round here saying that in the year folks there had to give up their firearms that homicides have gone up over 6% and armed roberies up 44%. Any truth to the story?? Bill W
  9. KX1A

    Blade 2009

    Busse had a folder years ago. I held it, I swear:) Bill W
  10. KX1A

    I hate Privet

    Hey Mike Looking at the pics in the new sticky. I see you still stand out in a crowd:eek: Bill W
  11. KX1A

    Any Busse Shop Pics?

    She's in the pictures with Shaggi:)
  12. KX1A

    Any Busse Shop Pics?

    Me too:( Any idea what she and Blade Babe are doing now?? Bill W
  13. KX1A

    New Hogs???

    Did we break 100 yet??:eek:
  14. KX1A

    New Hogs???

    Who are all the new hogs??? Welcome to the family to our new brothers and sisters.:) KXbaconA
  15. KX1A

    Some Blade pics from today...

    Nice pics.. Where's the first family?? Bill W
  16. KX1A

    There are to be no further postings of the "jerkit" smilie on this forum.

    Well ya know someone will not read the sticky and stick it in there. Oh well:o
  17. KX1A

    There are to be no further postings of the "jerkit" smilie on this forum.

    Hey Mike is there anyway of getting this selection removed from the smiles choices??
  18. KX1A

    Way Off Topic: Nature Drops By...

    Hmmm bat poop crazy....have to rememmber that one:D
  19. KX1A


    Hey Jodi, Do you still travel with a bag of INFI?? Bill W
  20. KX1A

    LAST CALL!!! Final Fogo Counts!!!

    Ahhhhhhhhh. Sweet memories Bill