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    Well guys, if you're the praying type, might send one my way.

    A prayer to the blade gods sent broski.
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    In case anyone missed it, this is why I was gone...

    F**cking sweet Broski!
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    So what has everyone been up to?

    Just got through getting married and back from my cruise. Can't wait to see this new design.
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    Double score today.

    Awesome score on the eagle pack bro. Not that i have anything against the desert camo, im just a fan of solids. I love me some coyote tan or
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    Double score today.

    I figured id share the score i came across today with my fellow fletcher fanatics. Been looking for a pack upgrade and today at one of the local trade days i found it. In one of the military booths a guy had a brand new Camelbak maximum gear mother load for sell for a 100 bucks. I thought to...
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    Quick review: Bush Operator XL

    Awesome review bro. Still makes me want one >O
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    Here's a small taste of what you'll see at Blade Show...

    I want a mother [email protected]%king boggin and hoody son!
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    A very beautiful Bush Operator XL that got finished yesterday...

    Damn I want one of those. I hate you and your awesome designs :P!
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    Last Weeks Work - All Sold, Thanks Guys!

    Dam those knives look good Andy!
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    Hike with Andy, a few Fletcher Knives, a Fiddleback Machete, a dog, and a daughter...

    Awesome pics. Looks like yall had a blast and i think you mean make sure you have some cold ones not cold one. Who can just drink one of those tasty OH! I want me a BOXL and a Fiddle Back Forge machete. Damn you Dylan and your picture posting scheme to take all my monies:P
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    Dylan's Graduation from Apprenticeship

    Right on brother, your words are those of a poet. Give it hell Dylan and congratulations. I had two of your knives with me all weekend while camping and i put complete faith in them and they never failed me. Knives are my life and i trust yours through and through.
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    Looks like everyone is pretty satisfied with their knives.

    Yes sir, i have to agree. Took my hatch 2 and pocket kilo camping this weekend. Boy oh boy did they shine. Ill try and get some pics up.
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    Ok. Ok. I'll give you a peek...

    Mmmmhhmmm....sweet sassy goodness .
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    All of you guys...

    Oh [email protected]!!! I crapped my i deserve to know! Right?
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    Time for Fletcher Knives to reveal a secret...

    I hear what you're saying dizwolf and agree mostly since I personally love almost every knife Dylan has designed thus far. That being said It would be comforting to know that if some out of the norm circumstance occurred to a blade design i fell in love with (loss of blade, or stolen god for...
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    Time for Fletcher Knives to reveal a secret...

    Mmmm....I like the way you think Ruck. Ill see what I can scribble up in my free time.
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    Time for Fletcher Knives to reveal a secret...

    I need a Fletcher knife with the number 13 tied to it.......and i needs it
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    Fletcher Knives... WE BE LEGAL YO!!!

    "Raises hand" I want to be a minion!
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    Fletcher Knives... WE BE LEGAL YO!!!

    That's what's up son!!!
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    Want me to punchisize your face... FOR FREE?!

    Go Team RAMROD!!! Sounds like business is booming son.