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  1. frogfish

    Surface grinder question

    You might try dressing the wheel to take out any runout I just put a piece of sandpaper on the magnet and held it with a metal strip at one end and the ran the wheel lightly into the sandpaper to dress the wheel if I remember I used 120 grit.. Tim
  2. frogfish

    1/8" black G10 9x12" sheets $6ea Scale sets $2ea

    If their is any more available I'll take 4 sheets let me know what the cost is with shipping and I'll get you the PayPal. Thanks Tim
  3. frogfish

    SOLD $150 Big Batch of Thin Scales - Stabilized Koa - Free Shipping Worldwide

    Mark is there a repeat cutomer discount? If so I'll take them.
  4. frogfish

    Wicked Edge VS Razor Sharp edgemaker system which do you think is easier? Free Stuff!

    I use both and like gooeytek said if I want to do a quick touch up tie paper wheel is fast but does need full attention the Wicked Edge does a great job if you want to have full control and a great finish. 4862
  5. frogfish

    ABS California Hammer In

    Thanks for posting the photos Ray, this is a great event and is the only one on the west coast. If you want to have access to some of the best bladesmiths in the country made sure to put this event on your calendar for next year.
  6. frogfish

    MT Blue Troodon -Sold

    E-mail sent on the Citadel.
  7. frogfish

    carbide strips for file guide

    Try MSC they have carbide in a number of sizes.
  8. frogfish

    Zip-Slip One Hand Opening Slipjoints

    Mike, If there is one still available I'll take it. Tim
  9. frogfish

    Rc Hardness Testers.....SALE...SALE...SALE!!

    PM on the way if there is another set available. Thanks Tim
  10. frogfish

    SHOP TOUR Monologue - New Disc Grinder

    Erin, Nice tour good job on the disk you might want to look at mounting it vertically at least for me it really gives me more control. Tim
  11. frogfish

    FROGS, FROGS, FROGS, Skins That Is

    Shane, Payment will be on the way ASAP Cheers Tim
  12. frogfish

    FROGS, FROGS, FROGS, Skins That Is

    Shane, I'll take one of the 5 light brown sets and 2 of the taupes is the total 60.35? Thanks Tim
  13. frogfish

    cheap mammoth ivory and scraps

    Nini, I'll take the set of 5 scales e-mail on the way to confirm. Thanks Tim
  14. frogfish

    Sting Ray Skins! Lots of them!

    Great, Will they fit in a flat rate box? Just need a total to get you a payment Thanks Tim
  15. frogfish

    Sting Ray Skins! Lots of them!

    Shane, Can I get one of the ruby red rainbow a small black and a gold if available. Thanks Tim
  16. frogfish

    G-10 Scales for sale-- SOLD

    Jack, Any pictures to see what the color looks like?
  17. frogfish

    Knifemaking DVD How to Forge a Frontier Hawk

    PM on the way for the Scale Release DVD I'll take it.
  18. frogfish

    $35 Mangos Stabilized Blocks - Video Added

    Mark I'll take 4 & 5 Thanks Tim