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  1. Fan of Steel

    Camp cleaver. Not quite the combat cleaver, but I'll take it.

    I recall begging Jerry almost 11 years ago for a cleaver. I felt the natural match for the INFI kitchen knives. "It's not on the agenda". Here we are now, 2016 and we have a INFI production. I dig it. Thanks Jerry. The Fan of Steel aka, the Fan of Ham, aka the ghost hog.
  2. Fan of Steel

    Might be drunk.

    Guilty as charged. :D Once again I'm back with Jim Beam Black :thumbup:
  3. Fan of Steel

    Might be drunk.

    Here you go. Some Busse Content:D Oh Feel free yo use it for futer shenanaginas. ;)
  4. Fan of Steel

    Might be drunk.

    man this forum used to be filled with drinkers, Man you ghuys have chaneged.
  5. Fan of Steel

    Might be drunk.

    Who else is drinkin. Comeon Confess. Sobr is for [email protected]
  6. Fan of Steel

    Crazy auction price!

    When did it go from a BBSH to a BBSHSHII? Still a very cool knife.
  7. Fan of Steel

    KIcked Out

    :) Been There before. "I've been kicked out of places a lot better then this" -Has been my parting line more then once. :D Happy New Year!
  8. Fan of Steel

    David Boone A+

    Just finished a transaction with David, and the knife was perfect and dlv was fast. What else could you ask for. A++! Thanks again
  9. Fan of Steel

    ASH-1 Wait Time???

    I got three of them coming, and even if it's "two weeks" I don't mind. Some HOG's have been beggin Jerry for a number of years to make these. Personally I was floored that he finally gave in.:eek:
  10. Fan of Steel

    Turn on SPIKE now!

    It was a SH-E. I belive I won a shop credit for it when the episode first aired.:D
  11. Fan of Steel

    Buying a Busse

    Damn... I've been outed.;) Figured I'd been gone for a long enough time that no one would know who the hell I was:foot:. Ok, Figure I am Someone who has been away from Busseland for almost 14mo's, Someone who had to cancel his FBM order's over a year ago due to his company going chapter 7...
  12. Fan of Steel

    Buying a Busse

    Say I want to introduce myself to the world of Busse knives...What knife would make the greatest impression on me?
  13. Fan of Steel

    Buying a Busse

    Can anyone recco good model to start a collection with:confused:
  14. Fan of Steel

    Replica of Joseph Musso Brass Back Bowie

    I'll take it. E-mail inbound:) E-mail sent again 8:50pm est :)
  15. Fan of Steel

    Mad Dog Knives?

    Mad Dog Uses a 01 Tool steel heat treated to hold an edge and Chromes it to protect it,. He is also credited as the first Maker to use G-10 (which needs no sales pitch from me) and is also credited as the man who brought kydex to the knife world. Xf-7 is also a MD creation. Hype..... not...
  16. Fan of Steel

    No Blade 07

    Sorry Jerry, I know I've been saying it for years, but can't make it this year (again). Maybe next year. Or.... maybe you will do the NYCKS 07 show :) :D but if not have fun. Take care Bro. -J
  17. Fan of Steel

    Happy Birthday Fan of Steel

    Thanks guys. Yes, I'm still alive. Haven't posted in a while, nothing really new, no new INFI. Hopefully that will change sooner then later. If it wasn't for the Busse forum I'd probably never stop here by anymore..When I come back hopefully it will be with a bang... Now back to Ghost...