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  1. Fish Boy

    Looking for an EDC folder

    You can buy scales for your Griptilian that don't feel cheap.
  2. Fish Boy

    Locking mechanisms

    There is no locking mechanism quite like a fixed blade.
  3. Fish Boy

    German Shepherds and Training - Looking for Info

    The German Shepherd is a ruined breed. You may want to look into a Belgian Malinois. I've had them since the day I was born and they're really great.
  4. Fish Boy

    Have you ever seen anything creepy? V2

    Sleep paralysis. It's commonly caused by waking rapidly from REM sleep, during which your muscles are weakened by the body to prevent you from acting out your dreams. During sleep paralysis one will usually experience extremely powerful hallucinations (often of a bedroom intruder) and/or...
  5. Fish Boy

    What are you reading?

    This amazing book by a legendary man . . . Caverns Measureless to Man by Sheck Exley.
  6. Fish Boy

    Let's Talk About Benchmade! Pretty durable.
  7. Fish Boy

    I Don't Like Solitude

    Solitude and silence are two of some of my favorite companions. There's no feeling like being alone on a mountain, experiencing the complete lack of man-made noise to a level where you can hear the sound of snow falling. I've been extremely antisocial my entire life, however, there is no...
  8. Fish Boy

    Other Steels

    I'd be very happy to see M390.
  9. Fish Boy

    Other Steels

    Is there any reason CRK hasn't gone to S110V? I'm guessing S35VN is a more "well-rounded" steel. I actually prefer S30V over S35VN, I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way.
  10. Fish Boy

    Other Steels

    I was thinking earlier . . . . Is there the faintest possibility of CRK offering alternate steels for their knives? Probably not, but I can dream. I'd love to have a Nyala in 1095 or 52100. That'd definitely be my ideal knife for outdoorsy things. I like simple steels. There needs to...
  11. Fish Boy


    I'm a New Jersey native and big fan of the outdoors. Allaire State Park is really great. Check it out.
  12. Fish Boy

    Rust resistant steel thats easy to sharpen

    Edge retention is around 420 steel. H1 is pretty much rust-proof.
  13. Fish Boy

    What do you have and what do you have on radar?

    I own quite a few PM2s. Got a PM2 in S110V on the radar, as well as maybe a few Li'l Matriarchs. Very nice, good-looking knives.
  14. Fish Boy

    Now we just need a CPM-3V Paramilitary 2 Sprint.

    I'd like to see the PM2 in CPM 154. From what I've heard, just about the best all-around user steel there is.
  15. Fish Boy

    Gearing up for Halloween? Anybody?

    Era of 1984. My favorite album, plus he's more recognizable from then.
  16. Fish Boy

    Gearing up for Halloween? Anybody?

    I plan my costumes fairly early. The last time I went out for Halloween, I was a zombie. I looked almost exactly like one of the things from The Walking Dead. This year I'm going to dress up, but I'm done with monsters. I'm going to be David Lee Roth this year.
  17. Fish Boy

    New edc knife?

    Depends. They're both great knives — the PM2 will cost you a little more, but you'll have a slightly better knife.
  18. Fish Boy

    New edc knife?

    Paramilitary 2. You're on BF now, it's only a matter of time before you own several.