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    Scenario: All over by dawn.

    Drink some whiskey and take a nap.
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    Kershaw RAM video review

    Got it today. Have no idea what makes this knife a blem as its perfect and sharp as hell. I already managed to fillet my middle finger reaching to grab it after I set it down open(stupid I know). Anyway this will be a great lil knife the beat on.
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    Knives with lanyards

    I run a lanyard on everything that will take one. today is ZT - 0560 hinderer flamed Ti lanyard
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    Kershaw RAM video review

    Ordered a blem from Dave as my birthday present to myself.
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    Ever impressed with a inexpensive knife?

    I've never been disappointed with a smith$wesson folder to be truthfull. I don't expect perfection and abuse the crap out of them. Once the blade play gets excessive and in fixable I just give then away or relegate them to garden duty.
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    Leathermans and lockpicks...

    I leave a credit card lock pick set in my wallet. I got my neighbor back in her house and have been locked out of my room a few times.
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    ZT 0560/1 Platform for Bowie and Hellfire Grind ??

    I personally love tanto's and would be all over a hellfire grind.
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    only three tools in your edc?

    Phone, multi tool, pen.
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    ZT 0560 Problem

    Yea you bed to get ant grease off the lock face and tang. It's just over engaging because it has a lubed surface.
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    Advice for a sheeple friendly edc?

    I don't feel that that's the attitude given when we say just carry it. I EDC my ZT560 or a Para2 and am just discrete in my use. I don't go snapping the ZT open to cut a string or dig a splinter out. I calmly open it with both hands choke up on the blade and just use the tip. I may be a bit...
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    Your favorite detent on a knife?

    My ZT560 is perfect.
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    Advice for a sheeple friendly edc?

    Just use your 550. There's no point trying to please anybody but yourself. I went through this phase too and carried a 1 inch blade neck knife for public use. You will still get the same shunned/shocked look from timid people.
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    National Knife Day?

    Yea I got that cold steel email and just waved it off as a promo. Still gonna carry my ZT560 for the day ;)
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    ZT0560 edge DESTROYED by plastic zip tie

    I've jacked the edge on my 560 cutting Sheetrock. I've also used it to cut zip ties, trailer seals(metal and plastic) its a work horse just sharpen it out. It adds character. I've also done the same if not more damage to other knives.
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    Cut with your knife?

    I use my 560 every day. Cardboard, tape, plastic wrap, trailer seals, food.
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    Knives the Most Fun to "Play" With

    ZT 560. It's my EDC and I commonly find myself bored at work just snapping it open.
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    One knife for everything

    My ZT 0560 IS my do everything go everywhere knife.