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    How are Emerson Knives

    Best way I can explain it, is that it's a well designed and very ruggedly built knife with little polish, that will take anything you throw at it. I regularly use my 7 for things that would break most knives. Prying, scraping, hammering, chopping, stabbing, etc. They're users, not for...
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    WTT: Three Sisters Forge Tactical

    emails replied to Keep sending them offers
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    WTT: Three Sisters Forge Tactical

    I'm not sure about IKBS, it is very smooth and extremely fast The blade thickness is .185 inches, the current model is .130-.156 inches. It was the subject of a review in blademag
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    WTT: Three Sisters Forge Tactical

    I have a TSF Tactical I would like to trade. It's one of the earliest models, with a much thicker blade and thinner handles. Only 2 exist in this configuration. Tell me what you have I'm in Canada.
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    What brands WON'T you own?

    I probably won't buy another spyderco. they're just not for me. they do make some nice blades, but they're basically everything i don't want in a knife. for example, the military. i don't like thumbholes, i don't like liner locks, i don't like huge choils, i don't like tip down only carry, it's...
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    Bladeforums Mobile

    Can we have a working mobile site ? As it stands, the current mobile site does not work. The links on the top bar don't work, no thread links work, the links in the blue boxes (that make it much harder to read blue font) don't work, the minimize sections buttons don't work, along with list...
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    Pimping my emerson

    nathawut also does it. you can find ferrrk (and nathawut) on a different forum, which isn't this one and i'm pretty sure can't be mentioned here. But goes by the same name as a 1995 american neo-noir film by Christopher McQuarrie
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    BM Mini-Barrage

    they're not difficult to reassemble. the key is to remove the thumbstud. I have some pictures of dis/re assembly here:[email protected]/sets/72157626121035255/
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    FT: BM 580/1 hybrid

    I have a hybrid barrage. Has the blade from the 580-1102 LE run (that is, standard shaped blade, in M390 steel) Has the handle from a 581 (bolsters + g10) traded. No bm 710, spydie para
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    Griptilian spacers

    check out the wilkens grip.
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    Benchmade 14205

    last run of these have only the hk and patent pending markings.
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    How many patents does spyderco have ?

    Some things need the answer to this question (like sending an email to spyderco, searching on the forum without an account, etc). It says to look at the homepage for the answer. Which is fine, except The answer is not on the page. I can't find it anywhere, and I've been looking for a while...
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    New Forum software thread. . .

    can we please have default vbulletin style (example), with the large and easy to navigate forums, as opposed to the older-styled huge random list of stuff ?
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    Axis lock opinion?

    the axis lock is the best lock ever.
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    Benchmade 940 Osborne Axis Lock Problem

    lock just needs to wear a little. there's a point between ~50 to ~1000 openings where it gets progressively stickier, and then progressively smoother until it's just like butter. the harder you flick it, the faster it'll come. as for butter knives, yeah.
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    Benchmade Mini-Griptilian vs. Spyderco Delica 4

    I own both, and the minigrip is my preference for a variety of reasons: + Longer blade / shorter overall length + better pocket clip + Does not try to force your hand into a certain shape like the Delica + Axis lock + Thumb stud And where the Delica is better: - 4 point clip positioning...
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    A couple thoughts about my first Benchmade

    I love the edge as it comes from the factory It's so obtuse, it's like an unsharpened knife, and makes it easier to pick an angle I want
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    ft zdp-189 delica

    I have a zdp 189 delica. dark green handles. Carried once, sharpened, and then put away. I want something else. make me an offer. I can add some money. no fixed blades.
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    Need help on benchmade AFCK info

    yes it is upload the image to something like and then click the "get direct link" part and then paste it into the text box over here it's similar to this one ?
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    Benchmade 520 Presidio lock fail

    don't bother emailing benchmade. You'll never get anywhere. call them.