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  1. Armithius

    Photos Journey to a Lost World rainforest

    Sounds like one hell of an adventure! Glad you were able to make it out of the rock maze ok. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Armithius

    Off Topic Trump says "Two Weeks"

    Not trying to get political here, and I honestly didn't even read the article, just thought the headline was comically relevant to our favorite inside joke. Edit: Links's broke. Try this one...
  3. Armithius

    2G Battle Mistress HEADS UP!!!

    Got my shipping notification today! Cannot wait for the sight of that big, beautiful, brown truck to arrive now, lol.
  4. Armithius

    2G Battle Mistress HEADS UP!!!

    The suspense is killing me!
  5. Armithius

    General Update

    Yikes, that does seem pretty on the head there. Now that it's been brought up I do vaguely recall hearing about his reputation a while back, when I was first getting into collecting. At the time I didn't have the money to afford anything more than like fifty bucks so I guess I just plumb forgot...
  6. Armithius

    General Update

    Wow, that explains a lot, and I feel like kind of a dick now for some of the things I said. I sincerely apologize for losing my temper. I should have given you more time to explain. On a slightly different note, I will no longer purchase any Bark River knives. What Mike Stewart is pulling is...
  7. Armithius

    General Update

    Yeah, Brian, I mean, what's happening with BRK and whatever outside hang-ups, it sucks. And I really do feel bad about the way it's all going down. But staying quiet about everything and not returning folks emails? Processing some guys requests for refunds and ignoring others? That's not on BRK...
  8. Armithius

    General Update

    I will apologize that I sounded kinda harsh in my above post. I've had a bit of time to sit and cool off now, and my email was much more civil. I'm just frustrated, as I don't understand why it seems like we're getting pushed to the back burner, as it were. I mean, obviously he's a working man...
  9. Armithius

    Please, Please Help. Stolen Busse's

    I know it's a longshot man, but I hope the LEOs pull through for you and that everything turns out alright.
  10. Armithius

    Any Bussekin pimpin going on ?

    DAYUM! I like your style! Very impressive!
  11. Armithius

    General Update

    I agree, and I feel that the time for being polite is rapidly coming to an end. Brian, if you're reading this, you claim no one is getting burned on the crowdfunding campaign (a comment which appeared to be directed at my post above [#73] since I used the term "crowd funded" and it went up about...
  12. Armithius

    General Update

    I like this idea, but I have a feeling that it may get shut down if we put it on their forum. It may be a better idea to put it into the Feedback forum. That way, they can comment on it, but they would not be able to close or remove it, so it would stay in the public eye. It would also be less...
  13. Armithius

    General Update

    Yeah, I hate to be that guy, but...I've been burned on one too many crowd funded projects. The first sign tends to be that the project creator/lead stops communicating. I pray that this is not going to be the case with this one. Please, Brian, please post some sort of update. It's been almost a...
  14. Armithius

    When are the CG BB13s going to ship?

    Got my shipping notification today! Should be here on Friday. I am the excite. ETA: It's a moss green one, for reference.
  15. Armithius

    BB13 - Huge, and feels great

    She's a BEAST! :eek: I can't wait to get mine! Shaley said it should be be shipping out within the next couple weeks. :D
  16. Armithius

    Merry Christmas To Those Who Purchased An INFI Combat Grade BB13!!!

    Hot diggity daffodil! Merry Christmas, y'all!
  17. Armithius

    General Update

    Appreciate the update. There's nothing more worrisome than when a seller stops talking, and you've been doing a good job keeping us informed. Looking forward to getting the knife in hand whenever it's ready. You can't rush perfection. ;)
  18. Armithius

    Happy Birthday Jerry Busse

    Congratulations, Boss! You've survived a 584,000,000 mile journey around a massive ball of explosively colliding particles at a speed of approximately 18.5 miles per second while being constantly bombarded by at least three different types of radiation. I'd say you deserve a drink! Preferably in...
  19. Armithius

    The mystery is history! The Official Busse Grab Bag Pics Thread

    Damn! Not gonna lie, kinda bummed I missed out on this one... Congrats on your score(s)!