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    I have a sudden, new interest in traditional folders-question about brands/quality

    is case bose tribal spear worth $250? is there a knife maker who would make a custom folder for that money? also, i would be interested to know your opinion on al mar eagle (the classic line). would you pay $140ish for a production aus8 blade?
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    i would love the persian emerson back in production. in this matter i sent them an email a few months ago :)
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    Idaho Made

    i'm planning to get a small seb for christmas, but now i have to look on the sh market, unless cr will provide the "no idaho engrave" service. i would pay, say extra $10, for S35VN and no stamp.
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    10K give away... waved kerambit!

    #178. happy 10k to you!
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    ***GIVE AWAY CONTEST*** Pro Series Trubulence!!!

    may i play? 121 200 miles?
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    NIB Bradley ALIAS II (pic added & price drop)

    if still avaleable, i'll take it.
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    another knife giveaway

    it past monday noon? if not, i'm in.
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    If you had to choose one Tactical Folder for Self Defense...

    i choose my knifes for utility. today i carry a spyderco ukpk. and i will use it for sd if needed . i train for knife fighting (kali), did some kendo some iaido, but i don't see the point caring a dedicated sd knife. i believe that if you have 2 knives on you, an utility knife and a sd one, but...
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    Monthly giveaway for June!!!

    my first post and my birthday! it has to be me!