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    Ontario Machete Thread!!! Lets see them!

    My bush carry. The blade has a scandi grind section down near the handle and the back is rounded opposite the tip, so I can use it as a spokeshave. The smaller pocket is for a small whetstone.
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    My 1000 Post Giveaway! A New AG Russell Folder

    Yes please count me in. I am is Australia, but will pay for shipping if I am the lucky one.
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    If you could only have 3 Bucks...

    For me 2 different sets depending on whether I needed to get a lot of hard stuff done or not. Favourites if I didn't have to absolutely hammer them are: Fixed = Kalinga Pro S30V and Rosewood Large Folder = Kalinga Pro S30V folder and Rosewood Small Folder = Alpha Dorado 154cm and...
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    Best Tool For The Bush

    I won't go bush without my Woodsman's Pal or my el cheapo Coghlans folding saw.
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    Knife Failure Survey

    Two knives in my life. Both by handing them to the same guy. The first was a Gerber Pixie about 30 years ago, he threw it into an almond tree and it separated the blade from the handle. Then 10 years later I handed him a Masher engraved dagger that was over a hundred years old, and he threw it...
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    Folder for formal wear! Please advise. Thank you.

    Hmmm Depends on the company. For non-knive crowds my Spyderco Kiwi, and for the non-skittish my Spyderdo Vallotton. Although it always make me think of Jack the Ripper with an Italian accent, and is far too large for most folk.
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    Give away! CLOSED. Congrats sharpguytoo

    255 if not already taken. Great blade.
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    Remembering the (almost) forgotten days of the book

    Hmmm I am in the process of acquiring enough books to fully insulate my house. I love it that all you guys seem to be moving to e-books, more on the shelf at the second hand bookstore for me - Keep it up. I try to read one book a day, but get sidetracked and end up working on 4 or 5 at the same...
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    What is you newest knife??

    Sanrenmu 710 the first cheap knife I have bought since I was a schoolkid. $9.99 inc delivery. I was actually just looking for a cheap beater for the shed, but I was blown away by the build quality. It came up wicked sharp in no time, but don't hold out much hope that it will hold the edge long...
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    How Often Do You Really Use Your EDC?

    I would guess about 5 or 6 times a day. But it is a SAK, so the blade doesn't get used everytime I pull it out. e.g. Open a carton (Blade), Pop out a dead HDD (Phillips Head), Read the damned small serial number (Magnifying Glass). Today it finished it's days work, by opening a box containing a...
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    Wave knife

    Love my Spyderco Endura with wave. I reversed the clip for tip up, so I can use it in reverse grip. Works pretty well 100 % for me so far. But most of my Spydies have the zip tie for the same functionality. I know it takes away from the look a bit, but some folks think they are ugly to begin with.
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    Alpha Dorado 154CM or 12C27 - Best buy?

    I've just had the postie drop off my latest Buck. I ordered a Alpha Dorado in 154CM and the normally 100% merchant had sent me a Dorado in 12C27 Sandvik. I am not fussed enough to bother bitching about it, and left him good feedback on eBay. I did let him know in an email. Just in case the...
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    Be a man (or a groovy chick): list your knives

    Spyderco Endura 4 Wave Spyderco harpy Spyderco Kiwi Buck 119 Special Buck Alpha Hunter 154CM Rosewood Buck Alpha Dorado 154CM Rosewood Buck Kalinga Pro Fixed Blade S30V Rosewood Buck Kalinga Pro Folder S30V Rosewood Big old Swiss Army (Not sure of model – but my most precious knife –...
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    EDC II Which knife or knives are you carrying today?

    Waved Spyderco Endura 4 set up at 15 degrees. Yikes only one blade. I'm just dashing off to grab another as soon as I hit enter.
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    What knife features do you HATE that others LOVE?

    Rack up another vote for serrations (except on my Spyderco Harpy and that is just for rope cutting) & pocket clips on anything.
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    Worst thing that happened to a good knife

    About 30 years ago I had a rigid folder with brass pommels and fingernotches in the handle. I put it down on a jetty while I was chopping bait and nudged it with my boot. Wouldn't you know it of all the boards in the jetty, there was only one bloody gap wide enough to allow the knife to drop...
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    Please help to confirm if this is a genuine BUCK knife

    Looks like something worked. Just checked again, because I hate people like this and "This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available." About time.
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    Please help to confirm if this is a genuine BUCK knife

    Unbelievable. I also saw this auction item. I clicked contact seller and told him he had a counterfeit. A week later I checked and it was still there, So I had a look at his feedback, noticed that someone (presumably the original poster) had told him it was counterfeit. This showed me that he...
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    Whats legal to carry for knives where you live?

    In Australia - We can own knives, with the exceptions of : Double Edged, Auto, Semi-Auto, Balisong, Push Dagger, any that could be construed as concealed. Carrying is a different thing entirely. I know of people who have been raked over the coals for a small Swiss army knife. Basically...