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    A sure sign you' re addicted

    I took this picture right after waking up anybody else have a thumb like that? I think I play with my knives too much:D
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    The New Phone Books Here! The New Phone Books Here!

    I' m actually expecting my Umnumzaan to come tomorrow, can' t wait:eek: I was so devastated when I came home from work today and there was no package for me! hope yours comes today:D
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    First Look - ZT 0777

    Man this knife is awesome :eek: really helps against that feeling that I probably won' t be able to get a Tilt;) btw is this one gonna be regular production or limited as well?
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    500th Post Giveaway! Winner TheBladeMaster!! Thanks everyone!!

    Thanks for the chance! Count me in, very generous:)
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    Amsterdam Meet 2011 Report

    That Centofante is awesome, all it needs in my opinion is a tip-up clip position. I really hope we' ll have that option when it comes out:)
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    EDC!-Which knife or knives are you carrying today???

    Just got the Böker plus Exskelibur a couple days ago and am planning on EDCing it for a while now:) Other knives for today: Victorinox Hiker Spyderco Bug
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    Sharpened Prybars!

    Böker Prymate might be a nice option for you
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    New ZT/Hinderer Flipper is Coming!!!0560/0561

    Sounds very interesting, hope we' ll get to see a prototype or something soon:)
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    Knife Check LIVE!

    Spyderco Paramilitary2, Victorinox Rally and Spyderco Bug on my person right now:)
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    Boker Turbine Forty-Two

    Very nice review. I own the Turbine II with the Black G10 inlays, called the Turbine II Companion and I' ve always been very pleased with it:) very underrated knife and company imo
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    Most sought after /desired Benchmade

    From Benchmade I would guess the 710 or the Griptilian series My favorite is the 940 though:)
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    Your Most Anticipated 2011 Knife

    ESEE RC-3 Folder Spyderco Military Fluted Titanium Spyderco Manix 2 lightweight Kershaw Knockout Spyderco Yojimbo 2( if it' s released this year) and alot of other stuff, there' s so many cool things coming this year:thumbup:
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    **5.56 Giveaway** Sharpmaker+Extras**Contest Over**

    Do you ship internationally? If yes, I' m in :) Thank you for the generosity
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    Cold Steel Counter-Tac Ice Cream Scooper

    That just sounds like gross abuse of a knife to me, seriously. The OP already pushes the knife to it' s limits but what you suggest is just abuse.
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    Benchmade 2011 Catalog

    Same here. Nothing there that interests me enough to make me seriously consider buying it. The only ones that look cool are the new Barrage and the 470. And both of those are A/O, which I really don' t care for.
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    New ZT0550 Thread !!!

    Hey guys, I have a short question: What exactly is the difference between the ZT0550 and the ZT0551? I' m pretty excited about this knife and even though I think I read most of this thread as well as the last one I really don' t understand why it is sometimes called 0550 and sometimes 0551?
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    EDC!-Which knife or knives are you carrying today???

    Bump:) Spyderco Paramilitary2 Spyderco Bug Victorinox Rally
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    spydercos best model?

    Para-Military2 probably even my favorite knife ever:eek:
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    The Knife you'll NEVER get rid of....

    Spyderco Paramilitary2, Spyderco Sage II and my Lg Sebenza 21:)
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    Flicking open a Spyderco Tenacious with thumb tension

    Or simply use your thumbnail, just build up pressure with it and then let the blade shoot out. Hard to explain, but becomes totally natural after getting used to it:)