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    Kumar Superior Vala

    God, that's a thing of a beauty.
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    Kumar Superior Vala

    Ugh, that's a thing of beauty, but I just can't swing the price. Congrats to whoever gets it.
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    Rust removed Knives for 7/22

    Got a DD on the seax!
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    Rust removed Knives for 7/22

    EMS sent on 14.5 inch 17 ounce Seax by Kumar. Bamboo root handle. Nice leather sheath. $85. Fingers crossed...
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    Rust removed Knives for 7/21

    Nice snag, Kham. Hope I'm in time to get the next seax. I've been hoping for one of those and maybe an everest katana for a while now.
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    Great Big Very Happy Birthday to Yangdu

    Happy belated birthday!
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    Shipping Khuks to Canada?

    Size isn't an issue. While there's no law against kerambits up here, there are laws against brass knuckles & ring knives - Canada Customs can sometimes be overzealous, and they could easily misinterpret these laws in a way that would prevent you from importing kerambits. They would probably get...
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    Shipping Khuks to Canada?

    There shouldn't be any legal issues (except possibly with kerambits).
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    Forum going down.

    While the forums were down, I saw something awesome & immediately thought of you guys. These aren't my photos, but apparently back in the 17th century a Japanese katana blade found its way to Transylvania, where a local made a handle for it :
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    Inherited a kukhri from my grandfather, any pros want to help with identification?

    I agree with Bawanna - it might not be HI, but it sure looks like it was made with the style.
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    Inherited a kukhri from my grandfather, any pros want to help with identification?

    I'm far less knowledgeable than most people in this sub-forum, but here's my take : Normally if a tourist brings home a kukri, it's probably a tourist-grade kukri : poorly made, and suited only to be displayed on your wall. That said, there are a lot of sure-fire signs of a tourist kukri, and...
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    Please send smoke and prayers for Bigbore577 and his family

    I'm so sorry to hear about this. He was a big part of the community. RIP.
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    Stick Knife

    God, that's gorgeous.
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    HIKV Strikes and Auntie suggestions Help

    The M43 will probably be better looking, but the CAK will probably be tougher. Depends on what's more important to you, I guess.
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    Speaking of sticks.

    God, that is a lovely sword cane. And all I've got is a Cold Steel one.
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    Prayer request.

    My condolences. I can't even imagine what they're going through.
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    Packages Inbound.

    Well, there's my jealousy for the day.
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    So what's next?.........

    In your shoes, I'd get a reti, a Kobra, a Ganga Ram, a CAK, and maybe a Giant Chitlangi Bowie.
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    Smallish fixed blade do-it-all knife

    I don't know if it's the best option for you, but I have to suggest the Mini Micro Bowie from Himalayan Imports. They're beautiful, handmade in Nepal, and incredibly tough. They're also shockingly affordable - the one in this thread went for $85 ...