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    Dmt Cs2?

    yeah it does feel ROUGH, not as fine as my Kyocera. I guess DMT is for working knives. not super sharp but will get the job done.
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    AUS 8 steel

    I have an emerson reliant in aus 8, back up to emerson mini com. It does get scary sharp quickly, as far as getting dull fast, i really haven't used it enough to make a comparison with the 154cm on the minicom, though it would be a weird surprise if it turns out that the reliant holds an edge...
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    emerson hard wear reliant plain edge

    good advice all around, it's already been purchased though, the reliant., i plan to take it diving, see how it holds up, benchamde makes divers knives out of aus 8 so i guess this will not rust that easily
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    Knives, Sheeple and Trouble

    i work in a kitchen, some of the time, so i guess they aren't so surprised i carry blades wherever i go. though to avoid unnecessary questions i use a beat up old henckels for trivial stuff only whipping out the mini com for tasks that actually need it
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    emerson hard wear reliant plain edge

    Is it true that the emerson hard wear line is to be discontinued? seems like a pretty good price on these knives, still waiting for my order but i think they'll function just fine, i plan to reverse the clip on the reliant so i can use it left side pocket, with the minicom in the right...
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    CQC7 vs mini Commander

    the shapes might suggest piercing or slashing, i tried it on pork belly (already dead, hold your horses) mini commander stabs and slashes just fine.
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    My first Emerson

    i walked down that road and decided on the mini com, no real reason, just looked nice to me
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    Very interested in the A100

    the a100 looks less intimidating and for petty tasks, it will be much more acceptable to use it in front of people i would think. very simple design, looks attractive. no wave though.
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    what does ernie himself carry?

    has there been any statements made by the man himself on what model he has on him as a daily carry knife?
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    Your Emerson Story

    i've had a henckels swiss army type utility/folding knife since i was 7, carried it everywhere. over the years had many different kinds, until i read about emersons, tried it at a local shop and have since graduated to the minicom. i think i'll be using this for as long as i have it.
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    Mini Com

    fantastic knife huh, you still have it today? i got the minicom bts, very happy with the quality.
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    One knife?

    my emerson mini com, coz that's all i have
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    Hello everybody! I'm Frank Fischer, a new knifemaker. Check out my FIRST knife!!!

    was this intentional to build suspense? coz its working
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    emerson mini commander BTS

    got an emerson mini commander for US$216 (manila philippines, shipped, taxed). i think i accomplished what i set out to do, get it right the first time. this is my first pocket folder, not counting the balisongs i used to play with. took it apart and it appears that to eliminate side to...
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    Searching for my perfect EDC: help

    cqc14 would fit your bill
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    Shapener to buy

    i use a sharpening stone, very cheap, sharpens very well if you take good care of the job.
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    low cost honing steels, damaging?

    good idea, i'll try that
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    low cost honing steels, damaging?

    thanks for the advice. since i am living on like $2 a day here at the moment (in between jobs), can't buy a good steel right now. i tried to smooth the grooved steel on my sharpening stone a bit, it seems to be working better now, the blade edge doesn't catch anymore. i'll save up for that...
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    How to Sharpen Kitchen Knives?

    Kukri4302, i have had a cheap steel experience, i dunno if it is the way i use it, but i think the low quality honing steel makes my knife dull.,
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    BreakFree CLP as a Honing Oil

    might be an expensive choice, i don't see why it can't work though