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  1. wolffbite

    PayPal Advice??

    This is a toughy for sure... I sold a knife several months ago, and it was a somewhat similar scenario. In my case they had sent the payment as gift, and I sent an email refunding them and asking to please resend it as payments for goods.... I never got an email back, but they re-sent the money...
  2. wolffbite

    quarter inch hole not big enuff for a quarter inch pin

    Also realize that a pin is rounder than the hole a drill bit makes. Even high quality bits will still drill a slightly oblong hole. What you need is a chucking reamer. When I drill for a 1/4" pin I use a slightly undersized bit for the "pilot" hole say 15/64" or even 7/32" and then follow with...
  3. wolffbite

    Cutting G10

    I use an abrasive coated hacksaw blade.... leaves a wide cut but it gets me close enough to where I can just grind the rest. Not sure where I got it and the label is all rubbed off, but it hasn't worn out a bit!
  4. wolffbite

    Jesus, sanding is stressful.

    Rhynowet Redline A/O seems to be the favorite hand sanding paper by several makers on the forum (myself included). Supergrit has it in 10 and 50 packs and it should average you ~$0.50 a sheet which is pretty damn good.
  5. wolffbite

    Ti Framelock

    Really dig your filework alan. Fine knife indeed :thumbup:
  6. wolffbite

    Grinders Info (Yes, again)

    Depending on how much do-it-yourself you want to do... javand here on the forums did a build thread a while back which inspired me to order my own. Awesome grinder, got it built for just about $900 I think with a used 2HP and pulleys...
  7. wolffbite

    G10 liner material.

    +1 for both, you won't be disappointed shopping at either place!
  8. wolffbite

    10" integral chef WIP.

    Love pink scratchless, leaves such a nice finish on handles. Awesome work salem :thumbup:
  9. wolffbite

    Help finding a Reaming Bit... Tool?

    Ryan I'm pretty curious too... they have these at my local tool place, but I returned the first set I bought after the shanks bent with light drilling pressure... $20 for 5 "carbide" bits haha... They look very similar. I'll keep...
  10. wolffbite

    Killer Koa Hunter

    Very nice. Diggin' the fileworked spine with the blue... really pops :thumbup:
  11. wolffbite

    Etchant pads??

    I use makeup removal pads. Single use, then throw away. Not much sense in trying to reuse them and getting mixed results because you are trying to save a few cents!
  12. wolffbite

    New Wilmont 2" contact wheels

    They are currently listed on the website. Look like a steal of a deal to me :thumbup:
  13. wolffbite

    Second Annual Pay it Forward Buildoff

    8 Months? Good amount of lead time! My dad has worked closely with a local food bank for over 10 years now, and as of the last year they have been month to month with food supplies and cash flow. I have volunteered at several of their events and at the food bank warehouse to help sort goods...
  14. wolffbite

    17" of CPM-M4

    Thats a whole lotta premium steel! The handle design and material is VERY nice. Great package, someone will enjoy this a lot :thumbup:
  15. wolffbite

    Another Find for the Rustic Shop

    What a find! And what a deal! Cool stuff Rick, can't wait to see what you do with it! :thumbup:
  16. wolffbite

    Mark at Burl Source - great to deal with

    +10000 on this! He always ships my wood out within a couple of days, and his products and flash sales keep me coming back for more each time!
  17. wolffbite

    Drill your holes

    Thank you for this thread, I almost missed it! I tried your technique the other day, using a pretty cheapy HSS no-name brand bit (not even sure if it was meant for metal) to drill some 7/32" holes in 3/16" O-1. Used 600 RPM and cutting oil, and got no smoking, no blue curls and nice clean holes...
  18. wolffbite

    Is 1084fg for me?

    Hype was a poor word to choose. I need to find out what I've been missing this whole time :D