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  1. Mike Davis

    Mike Davis carved damascus fighter with beautiful sheath - great deal

    Howdy!! Please email me at [email protected] and i will happily give you all the info on it!! Thanks Mike
  2. Mike Davis

    Bladesmith's Forging Hammers!

    Get one while you can...they are the best hammers i have ever used!! The Sammer's are amazing!!
  3. Mike Davis

    Pretty disappointing Blade Show

    It is a simple solution. If the real makers, not the manufacturing companies, boycotted the show and didn't buy tables....It would open the eyes of the promoters. But...let's face it. That will never happen.
  4. Mike Davis

    Kukri WIP - The Bone Collector

    Patrice.....holy balls dude...that is awesome!!!
  5. Mike Davis

    Kit knife??? (W2 fighter)

    So where do i go to buy a kit knife like this? Maybe i can put a few together and be a knife maker too! Spectacular Nick, as we have come to expect from you. Just wanted to point out,you left some finger prints on the blade... :D
  6. Mike Davis

    Say a Prayer For Ernie Grospitch's quick recovery

    Thoughts and hopes for your speedy recovery Ernie!
  7. Mike Davis

    Friend made a Video

    Awesome video buddy!! Very cool to see the inside on how others do it. And it only took like 10 minutes to make the knife ;) seriously though, awesome stuff buddy :)
  8. Mike Davis

    A year of Bowies

    Great compilation Lorien!!!
  9. Mike Davis

    On mammoth ivory...

    Ivory is my favorite material to work with so far. I love the warmth and the way it polishes. I enjoy carving it and am learning to scrimshaw, and well...nothing scrims as well as ivory :D I did notice that some of the darker mammoth seems to have more mineralization and is harder to scrim. P.S...
  10. Mike Davis

    Does anyone take pictures throughout a build for the customer?

    I have been doing this with every knife. Not only does it allow me to show a customer the progress of his/her knife, it also allows me to see my progress, andi look back through them to see if there is anything i could change next time to make it better.
  11. Mike Davis

    Sticking up for Nick Wheeler

    Nick, I wish you all the best. I hope you and your family( And those 2 horses) had a wonderful christmas. Thank you for probably the single most informative wip ever posted in shop talk. Your advice(And smilies ;) ) will be missed around here. Here's to hoping i get to shake your hand at Blade...
  12. Mike Davis

    W.I.P.: My First Scandi Grind [was Blunted Tip]

    That looks pretty damn good!!! You stained the handle with a sharpie?!?!? Very nice :)
  13. Mike Davis

    Sticking up for Nick Wheeler

    I agree Patrice, Well said :)
  14. Mike Davis

    African Blackwood: CA finish or not?

    I take blackwood to 2500 handsand then buff and it usually looks like black glass. If you want a sating finish, leave it at 1k hand sand, but i love to buff it...such a beautiful wood.
  15. Mike Davis

    Latest knife- W2 integral fighter

    Nick...that looks like hell! As in...oh hell....i want that!!!!! Very nice my friend. I got to play with one of your knibes at Ashokan. Very top notch work. Three thumbs up!
  16. Mike Davis

    Heritage H535 in mint cond. looking to trade for engraving equipment.

    This is a 2006 custom shop Heritage H-535 in natural antique finish. It is in factory showroom condition. Entire body is crazy flamed/quilted maple. Neck is mahogany and it is a semi hollow body. Have the original stock tag and case. These guitars retail at $4300 I have a lot more pictures, but...
  17. Mike Davis

    LeBlond Regal 17x42 for sale or trade

    What i have is a LeBlond Regal engine lathe in 17x42. Lathe has full threading and auto feed, taper attachment, 12" 4 jaw chuck with i think a 1.5 or 2 inch passthrough. It is a variable speed, has 5 engine speeds, and each is adjustable off a dial speed control.Has a live center tailstock and a...
  18. Mike Davis

    Cliff Parker Folder

    That is very nice! Has a very elegant look, and the "figural" mosaic is impressive!!!