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    Received a Custom s90v PM2 as a present

    Typical and to be expected ! ;) Congrats on the gift . Very nice .
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    Am I on the right track buying these budget knives?

    Stay your course ! Only you can decide what satisfies you . TwoSun has a fairly unique marketing scheme . Nearly direct to you via auction . Might get a fantastic bargain , but maybe returns / customer service will be lacking . You don't necessarily have to spend hugely to find knife...
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    Still waiting after 8 months on backorder and not too hopeful .

    Just a mass produced Cold Steel Master Hunter in 3V , not some special custom job . I don't see any particular reason for this one to be so scarce , just part of the general supply shortages , I guess ? So, what's your favorite long awaited 😭knife backorder / preorder that's still in limbo ?
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    Are expensive knives worth it?

    Probably NOT "worth it " ! ;)
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    Tool marks

    Better to do this before buying . If unhappy , I'd just return for refund , but take responsibility for your part in misunderstanding the product being sold . It wouldn't bother me , if everything else was right . For this type POU knife . It's not a display / wall hanger . 3V is for...
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    An open letter to all Cold Steel Fans…

    Might want to wait a few years . I already see Cold Steel at auction , highlighted as being from "before the company was sold " , for a premium . I personally value my CS collection EVEN MORE now . Emotionally and monetary both . If you dump your vintage CS ,better be sure , because it will...
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    Knife to carry in Bear country

    For around here , Midwest USA , Black Bears "only" : Yeah , with the right spear , big chopper , machete or kukri . Plus much skill and luck . Might have some chance . Against a serious charge , you'd probably only have time for a few quick strikes .
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    Any suggestions? creating a collection of best $50 edc

    Ruike with "Beta Lock " , overlooked too often in the vast ocean of liner locks . It's average sized , just looks small here:
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    Broken blade tips

    Throwing knives that weren't made for that . :eek: Eventually learned to layer thick cardboard over the wood target .
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    Liner lock versus frame lock

    Fixed blade or Tri-ad Cold Steel for this !
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    Are expensive knives worth it?

    Say you're on a budget . $100 a month, average, for knives . So , you can blow a year's funds on a single $1200 goodie or spread it out . I'm pretty sure , I'd want another knife long before the year was out . :p
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    Are expensive knives worth it?

    I need my knives to be able to be carried and used , maybe somewhat abused , often working outdoors or hiking . I don't want to spend so much that I feel inhibited about using , damaging or losing . Still , I'm willing to risk up to $100 or even $200 just to have a better quality , more...
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    Got my Kailash Bowie!

    I often carried my Cold Steel Trail Master with 9.5" blade in preference to longer ones . You do lose some chopping power , but much easier to carry . Yours looks great ! :cool: :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    A new knife

    OP is just so unreasonable ! :mad: If I take a few seconds to label my knife pics , it might somehow detract from my 100% focus on short term self-gratification . :rolleyes:
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    Beware of Pickpockets! My ZT 0566BW Elmax Was Stolen Right Out of My Front Pocket Today

    Seems kinda weird , almost like a stunt / prank as much as simple robbery . Wallet , smart phone etc makes sense ...but to just swipe a guys knife ? Of course , a large part of some types of theft and other crime is thrill seeking . Counting coup , taking a guy's personal knife right outta...
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    Beware of Pickpockets! My ZT 0566BW Elmax Was Stolen Right Out of My Front Pocket Today

    Raising the alarm , immediately , might have done some good . Stores often have video surveillance , but only short term storage . Logically , better to have your knife lifted than your wallet . Still , seems somehow worse as a personal violation . :mad:
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    Cold Steel SRK San mai - uneven lamination lines

    That's what the real thing looks like ! :cool::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    Any experience with the 5x5 Solution PICKPOCKET EXO wave for a yojumbo?

    There's always the old ugly , but cheap , 3X Zip-T Solution . It works .
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    Do you ever take along a knife specifically to use at table when attending a BBQ or visiting a steakhouse for a meal?

    Sure , for camping , picnics , or takeout in a motel room , we have a whole mess kit . At a restaurant , why would I trust their food prep if they can't even set the table ?