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  1. puukkoman

    Gung Ho knives/ESA Swords

    I have a nice dagger from Gung Ho Knives, otherwise known as ESA Swords, that I bought several years ago, and I'd like to get another. However, I can't find the company any longer; their domain seems to have expired, so their website is down. Anyone know if they're still in business? And if so...
  2. puukkoman

    FS Benchmade 42AS balisong

    It pains me, but it's necessary. Selling my Benchmade 42AS t-latch balisong. Previous owner told me he sent it back to Benchmade for Lifesharp service. There are a couple scratches on the blade, which I have tried to capture in the photos. Nicks in the coating in the latch, consistent with...
  3. puukkoman

    Benchmade 159 balisong - super clean!!

    Replied! Still available, for now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. puukkoman

    Emerson CQC7B *non-waved* user

    Hate to let this one go, but I don't carry it much any more; it has to go. Speaks for itself. Those who know Emerson, know what they're looking for and what they're getting. This one is dated 2004. Clip is scuffed a little bit. The G10 handles have no major damage, just a little nick at the top...
  5. puukkoman

    Benchmade 5000 Auto Presidio user

    Strong and reliable automatic, the Benchmade 5000 Auto Presidio is a rugged EDC that can handle anything. This one is in used but solid condition. Scuffs on he handle and clip. A previous owner did a lousy job trying to sharpen the serrations, so they don't look too pretty, but they are sharp...
  6. puukkoman

    Benchmade 159 balisong - super clean!!

    This is a great example of the "balisong boom," and a very collectible Benchmade knife. In great condition, especially considering its age & what it is... Not many of these have survived this long. Looks like the blade still even has the factory edge. Barely any flipping swirls at all on the...
  7. puukkoman

    GEC 66 in Stag. Weekend Price Drops!

    Still do the combo deal, all three for 180 + Douk? If so, I'm interested. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. puukkoman

    GEC 42 and other back pocket knives?

    I carry & use a Queen 3L quite a bit, and *really* like it. The D2 steel is awesome (could possibly be my favorite cutlery steel), and I treated mine to a convex edge using some sandpaper. Mine has a little bit of vertical movement, but that in no way affects the function, security, or...
  9. puukkoman

    My Buck Marlinspike

    Very nice! And I really like seeing how you have recorded your travels, makes it extra cool. :cool: Thanks for sharing! :thumbup: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. puukkoman

    Traditional Forum thanks

    Very generous, Kris. And might I add that you are definitely an integral part of what makes this community so special. NOT an entry for me, but I wanted to share, the light of my life, my lovely wife Christina. And the amazing artwork she makes (among other things, she is a painter)...
  11. puukkoman

    The ULTIMATE in Green River knives ;-))))

    Wow, cool stuff! I've always been fascinated by those Native American war clubs, how they were modeled after the shape of the rifles/muskets that were brought to the continent by European settlers. They saw a shape that seemed to work well for their desired purpose, and made it their own. Robin...
  12. puukkoman

    Your favorite Back Pocket Knife: Traditionals

    Frank & Cliff, I'm in your same boat. Just got a CV Sodbuster yesterday, and I'm really liking it for back pocket carry. Otherwise, my back pocket typically holds one of these, vertically next to a bandana. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. puukkoman

    What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?

    Lot of really nice stuff the past few days, folks. Jsega51, that custom sheepsfoot Davison you posted just about bowled me over. Really a home run! :thumbup: These are with me today. Just got the sodbuster -- it's my first one, and also my first "yeller" Case. (Had to get that color, to get a...
  14. puukkoman

    Wooden Wednesday - Traditionals only please

    Heyyy, now that's right up my alley! Nice one! If I had to guess the maker, without looking at the stamp, I would bet it came out of the Queen factory. Do you have any more info on it? So cool! Those are gorgeous, and I'm really smitten with them knowing that their handle covers are...
  15. puukkoman

    Grab bag giveaway--Jlhoffman74 has won.

    Neat idea. I'm in, thanks. I run across more than a few opportunities to give pocket knives to people who are lacking, so this sounds like fun.
  16. puukkoman

    Colonial brand (?) miniature novelty bowie restored...

    Nice work, Jimmy. Should fit right in, in one of your cases. :thumbup: (Still got your big lockback, still goin' strong, and still looking good. Rides on my belt at work many days. :) )
  17. puukkoman

    Wanenmacher show take-away...

    Nice haul! I really dig the big Boker jack. Nice piece. :thumbup:
  18. puukkoman

    Texas Camp Knife!

    Howzabout the whittler version, any word on who will have them and when? Personally, I have no interest in all the extra openers & punch, but the 3-blade whittler I'm eagerly anticipating.
  19. puukkoman

    NOTABLE PAIRS : Only traditionals

    This is probably my favorite pair. GEC 47 swayback in ebony and 1095, John Lloyd toothpick in amber stag and 52100. All bases covered, and then some.