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    Manix 2 in G10 and M390 vs PM2 in S45VN

    I like them both... I'm carrying a manix 2 cruwear now. But... my vote goes to pm2 only because you don't have one. They are both great knives.
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    Blade centering

    I've had one knife off center. I used it to pry off some trim on a cabinet. Hasn't been off center since. As far as the clip position, that's your call. I prefer tip up. I haven't had a issue getting stabbed. Some people worry about those things, I'm not one of them.
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    New zome 20cv endela

    I own the k390 endela, a really well done knife. I really like the red black zone, I think it's a attractive combination. However I am not a fan of 20cv or m390. I found its to chippy for my liking. But maybe it will perform well for you. It does take a nice edge.
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    Microtech made in China, yep

    I haven't had a eye for microtech, visually they haven't interested me. This just strengthens the fact that one won't find it's way to my pocket.
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    s30v or K390?

    Step off the trail into lc200n... then you can bring it in the pool with you too. Btw... if it's still available there's a exclusive with hap 40 and pakkawood Delica that is a great steel imo.
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    New here--At 75 do I still need to carry a knife?

    I thought we all agreed on name and maker for given pics !
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    I'm still waiting

    Oh no... you need a manix 2 and a autonomy 2 and native chief and a etc..
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    Pm2 choices.

    Ya it's a big girl, I'll see how I like it when it gets here. I'm thinking the weight won't be a bother if the profile is right.
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    Pm2 choices.

    I got suckered In for those pretty copper scales and rex45.
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    PM2 with copper scales and DLC REX45

    I couldn't resist. The black dlc with the copper handle looks to nice.
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    Where did you get those scales from?
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    Spyderco 2021 Lists: Delivered & Upcoming

    I'm weak, couldn't resist it either.
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    Spyderco 2021 Lists: Delivered & Upcoming

    Man..... now that kinda makes me want one !!
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    Manix 2 lightweight vs G10

    I want to be apart of the pictures too ! By request- Manix 2 Exclusive - red - cv20 And purple cruwear.
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    Two new spyderco knives holy smokes awesome

    Ya... I didn't baby it. It's definitely seen more than boxes !
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    Manix 2 lightweight vs G10

    I don't have the lightweight. But I do have two g10 excl and they feel tough and solid. I have not felt the need to clip the spring. I have nothing bad to say about them.
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    Disillusioned with bigger name “Reviewers”

    I've watched these guys before... I kinda like Shabazz. But.. it's because I was wanting to buy a knife. They really did nothing to help me make a good decision. I can't really tell how the knife size and ergos are by Someone else's hand. All the more power to them for making a successful...
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    What's your go-to, beat up cutting tool?

    You know diy stuff, adds years to your knife !
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    New vs Old

    I buy to use the knife. But... I'm leary of buying used as I'm a bit concerned of buying a fake. Also I prefer a lock on the blade. Having a knife snap back down gives me the heeby jeebies.